July 12, 2022

Small B2B marketing team makes big revenue jump with Sendoso


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  • Challenges: Sending direct mail and personalized notes was too much for this dedicated yet small marketing team.
  • Solutions: The team used Sendoso to develop, organize, and deliver on direct mail ideas.
  • Results: The changes improved closed-won opportunities by 14% and increased revenue by 22%

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The campaigns we’ve been running with Sendoso are very popular with the sales team, and reps are asking if they can send using Sendoso more often.

Corporate gifting is a tool you need as part of your account-based marketing strategy. A strong strategy can lead to more sales opportunities, more booked meetings, and an increase in revenue. This is why B2B corporate gifting is a critical part of a marketer’s toolbox.

The difficult part for many companies is finding a way to streamline the process to save time and, more importantly, show results. That’s where you need a top-rated automated gifting platform.

Sendoso can help.

Corporate gifting delivers revenue results

Bringing an automated gifting platform on board can stimulate growth rapidly. One Sendoso client generated a 22% increase in closed revenue from new opportunities in its first campaign.

The company used Sendoso’s analytics dashboard to track the effectiveness of their campaign.

Not only did their opportunities climb, but the marketing team also found that personalized gifting increased responses even more dramatically.

Bring great gifting ideas to life

The company, an online coaching experience, is designed to help engineers and tech professionals improve their English language and communication skills.

Direct mail was already a big part of their marketing strategy, but sending out personalized notes and direct mailers was simply too much for their dedicated but small marketing department.

“We realized as a company that direct mail has a higher response rate than any other marketing effort,” said Marketing Designer and Copywriter Natalya K.

The sales department team initially used another vendor. But they had problems with customer support and were unable to determine exactly how effective their direct mail campaigns were.

The marketing team had some great ideas for direct mailers but needed help developing, organizing, and delivering on those ideas. Sendoso was just what they needed to make their ideas come to life.

After partnering up with Sendoso, the company began its broadest direct mail campaign ever. The marketing team was able to put together a direct mail send that explained their company and their mission in a fun way.

“The campaigns we’ve been running with Sendoso are very popular with the sales team,” said Natalya. “Reps are asking if they can send using Sendoso more often.”

Personal touched lead to opportunities

Previously, the marketing team had a difficult time measuring success. But when using Sendoso’s analytics, they were able to track the effectiveness of their campaign over time. In doing so, they found that personalized notes increased responses dramatically.

“We love the personal touch of the handwritten notes,” Natalya added. “And we love how effective direct mail sends are.”

The best part is that adding that personal touch doesn’t cost Natalya’s team more time. In fact, Sendoso handles all the handwritten notes attached to each business gift.

With this new research at their fingertips, Natalya’s team began using Sendoso’s personalized note service and had their most successful direct mail campaign to date.

The company saw an 8% increase in new opportunities created and a 22% increase in closed revenue from those new opportunities.

A personalized note makes a big difference, and research shows consumers want a personalized experience. Sendoso offers many personal touches that will ensure your campaign cuts through the noise and gets the attention of your prospects.

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