November 23, 2020

How Tipalti Closed $2 Million with Sendoso + 6sense

Nova Halliwell
Nova Halliwell

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In the account-based everything (ABX) world, brevity is a virtue. That’s why we’ll get right to the point and share how Tipalti ABM Manager Peter Tarrant and his team helped the end-to-end accounts payable automation platform close $2 million in revenue with the help of Sendoso and 6sense.

In his recent conversation with Sendoso Head of Product Marketing Lauren Barraco during Out of the Box, Peter recaps his four-step process to ABX success.

Tipalti’s 4-Step Process for ABX Success with Sendoso + 6sense

Step 1: Align Sales and Marketing to Identify Target Accounts

Like many marketers, Peter and his ABM team had a seemingly simple goal: to help sales representatives reach key accounts with the right message at the right time in order to turn a target account into an open opportunity.

When Peter first joined Tipalti, the sales team was small and not optimized yet. The company looked at accounts held by sales reps and used standard signals to identify opportunities for growth. However, the company has since adopted a robust ABM strategy, which leverages a full tech stack, including 6sense and Sendoso, to identify and contact target accounts in a much more precise and thoughtful way.

In this one-to-few campaign, Peter led the marketing and sales teams in pulling together a list of 100 highly engaged accounts. He leveraged 6sense’s data and analytics capabilities to determine those targets that had a strong profile fit and were in the market-buying phase based on various criteria, such as web activity and intent signals.

Step 2: Pinpoint When to Kick Off the Campaign

With the targets in place for the one-to-few campaign, Peter and his team then needed to identify the optimal point at which to conduct the initial outreach. Again, the team turned to 6sense, which uses signals like keyword searches, web traffic, or other criteria to tell when an account is “warm” (meaning they’re showing interest in your solution and are more likely to be ready to buy).

“When we see those intent signals, then we know it’s time to kick off the campaign,” explained Peter. “6sense helps us pinpoint that moment.”

Step 3: Craft a Thoughtful and Personalized Message with Sendoso

Once an account was identified as “warm,” Tipalti leveraged Sendoso to create personalized door-openers for their sales team, ensuring their messaging was eye-catching and relevant to the prospect.

In this particular campaign, Tipalti sent recipients a box of branded Oreos. However, the company has the option of sending any of the thousands of items across all price points from Sendoso’s catalog—from AirPod cases to cocktail kits and even big-ticket items like an Amazon Echo Dot.

Tipalti also leverages Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature and delivery notifications to ensure the kits reach their intended recipient. This helps Peter and his team rest assured that the delivery will reach the intended recipient.

“I’m not going to lie, when people started working from home, I got nervous about how we were going to reach our targets,” admits Peter. “But using Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature ensures that we can take that introductory step regardless. It’s my not-so-secret weapon.”

Step 4: Celebrate the Success

With the help of 6sense and Sendoso, Tipalti’s strategy netted huge results for the marketing and sales teams. The campaigns yielded:

  • $1,995,005 in revenue closed through marketing-sourced opportunities from ABM accounts
  • 11 additional opportunities in the pipeline worth $544,485
  • 3 closed won deals worth $569,553 in revenue
  • Two deals among the company’s largest in all of Q2

Looking to the future, Peter also discussed how Tipalti would ensure future success through a flexible and adaptable ABM strategy.

“Marketing needs to get outside the existing flows that are set up and take a more flexible and adaptable approach,” Peter urged. “It’s not a plug-and-play model anymore where industries or job titles can be swapped out. We need more creativity and personalization today.”

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