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Gifting at scale made easy

With Sendoso, you can seamlessly enable marketing, sales, customer experience, and HR teams to automate and scale their gifting strategies to deliver better outcomes for your business.

Drive top line revenue

Drive top-line revenue

Use the power of scalable, personalized gifting to differentiate your company from the competition, stand out in front of new prospects, and drive massive top-line revenue growth.

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Amplify brand awareness

Personalize your team’s company swag with relevant, top-quality gifts for prospects. Say no to stress balls that get tossed in the trash. Encourage brand awareness by sending your key stakeholders gifts they actually want.

Increase customer retention and expansion

Increase customer retention and expansion

Creating a better customer experience leads to increased customer retention. Use personalized gifting to improve their onboarding process, help with renewals, or upsell your other offerings.

Data-backed sending that drives revenue


return on campaign investment


reduction in labor costs


shorter average sales cycle

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