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Limitless sending possibilities

Drive revenue throughout the customer journey with modern direct mail, personalized gifts, eGifts…the list goes on! You’re not just sending things, you’re making Physical Impressions™, and we know from experience (over 3 million sends!) that they make the best impressions.

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Virtual Experiences

Sendoso Experiences

Deliver Sendoso Experiences like a virtual wine tasting, yoga class, magic show, and more that your recipients can enjoy at home with their families and friends.

Meeting Scheduler from Sendoso

Meeting Scheduler

Ask prospects to schedule time with you via Calendly, Chili Piper, and HubSpot before an eGift is automatically sent. This approach helps you secure more meetings while using your budget efficiently.

Gifts from Amazon

Order a personalized gift from Amazon and we’ll repackage it with a handwritten note and your branded packaging before your recipient receives it.

Sendoso Choice

Curate bundles of 2–10 eGifts from various categories and let your recipients choose their favorite with Sendoso Choice. Include the option to select an eGift or donate the amount to charity.


Gift your recipients with eGifts for coffee, lunch, wine, or really anything else you can think of! Choose from hundreds of eGifts applicable to recipients located all around the world.

Handwritten Notes

Send handwritten notes on branded stationery, making your recipients feel they’re worth the extra time you took. In reality, we’ll take the time to make it happen for you!

Address Confirmation with Sendoso

Address Confirmation

Ensure your sends are landing wherever your buyers are currently working with Address Confirmation. It lets you ask recipients to confirm or change their address before you send anything.

Sendoso Direct

Delight recipients with cookies, wine, cocktail kits, succulents, and custom oil paintings from our network of locally owned Sendoso Direct vendors. Even have items customized with notes and your branding.

Custom Boxes

Build bespoke box bundles with your branded swag or other items that support your campaign themes. We’ll handle all the packing and shipping, following your exact specifications.

Branded Swag

Brand anything and everything (think hoodies, backpacks, AirPods), store it in our warehouses, and send out individual items to virtual event attendees, new customers, or even employees.

Worldwide fulfillment & inventory management

No more searching for the perfect items, packing boxes, writing notes, mailing items, managing inventory, or maintaining a swag closet. Why? Because we handle everything for you! We have a dedicated team of creative curators and logistics experts ready to support you.

Worldwide fulfillment & inventory management

Creative Curators

Let us brainstorm, source, and order items for your campaigns. Our dedicated team of creative curators has access to an expansive vendor network that can help bring your vision to life.

Storage & Inventory Management

Store branded swag, collateral, and anything else in one of our fulfillment centers.

Inventory Updates & Alerts

View your inventory in real time, send more inventory to our fulfillment centers with just one click, and set alerts for low inventory so your items are never out of stock.

Packing & Shipping

Tell us how you’d like something packaged and we’ll make it happen just as you specify. Plus, we ship to over 165 countries and have preferred shipping rates.

Intelligent analytics & reporting

Never question the effectiveness of your offline marketing efforts again. Not only can you easily see when items are sent and received or redeemed, but you can track overall campaign performance to see exactly how Sendoso is impacting your bottom line. Learn more.

Intelligent analytics & reporting
Analytics Dashboards

Analytics Dashboards

Know exactly how Sendoso is impacting open opportunities and closed-won opportunities, plus see the ROI for any Sendoso campaign with the Analytics Dashboard.

Send Tracker Dashboard

Send Tracker

See where your eGifts or packages are in the process of sending and delivery with Send Tracker. Drill into specifics with quick links to tracking info via UPS, FedEx, and more.

Salesforce Dashboards

Dig deep into the success of your Sendoso campaigns with powerful Salesforce dashboards that give you insight into influenced pipeline, closed-won opportunities, and so much more.

Scalable across teams & budgets

Make everyone in your entire organization a SuperSender! From marketing to sales to post-sales, and even HR, Sendoso can help everyone in your business achieve their goals faster than ever before with secure access to a SaaS-based Sending Management Platform.

An image of the Sendoso gifting platform

Team Sending

Keep your team on brand and within budget while they move prospects through to close and create customers for life. Easily assign specific sends for specific teams.

Team Budgets

Create teams and assign unique budgets for each department—monthly sending allowances that expire, ones that roll over at the end of the month, or one-time budgets.

Team Permissions

Assign teams to specific sending options based on their department goals. Add, edit, or remove sending options assigned to each team with ease.

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