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With higher revenue goals and even higher customer expectations, the status quo isn’t good enough. The intelligent, all-in-one Sendoso corporate gifting solution lets you connect across channels and build a broader, stronger customer base. Don’t just meet your goals, exceed them.

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How does Sendoso intelligent sending work? Brilliantly

Stay connected with your customers and ahead of your competition with Sendoso. We’ve expanded our gifting marketplace so that all your corporate gift sending is not only relevant but customized to your brand. Easily track orders and activity—follow up every time, with perfect timing.

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We’ve got the expertise you need

Customize your gift, or “send,” for every occasion and every audience. Our team of global experts will help you succeed. They can save you time and increase your ROI by offering gift ideas, send curation options, and customer support. They’ll help operationalize your campaigns. There’s even an active community of peers willing to share best practices and how-to’s.


Sending across the globe? No problem

Our global logistics team and network manage all aspects of your inventory from our worldwide fulfillment centers. So no matter where in the world your customer lives, your send will be delivered.

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I love how easy it is to use Sendoso and that it integrates to both Salesforce and Outreach. I never have to log in to Sendoso, and can do it straight from the Google Chrome extension. I also love that I can send personal items from Amazon and send gift cards to cell phone numbers. This has been a game changer for me.

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Spencer Kendall

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What does Sendoso do?

Sendoso is the leading sending management platform. We elevate the human marketing experience and make it easier to build authentic relationships through intelligent corporate gifting. Fuel revenue growth and increase customer lifetime value with an advanced, all-in-one solution.

How does Sendoso work?

The Sendoso intelligent sending management platform was purpose-built to send the right gift at the right time. Send a single item or launch an entire campaign. Everything is right at your fingertips to engage the right way—anywhere around the world.

You can also send and report from one of our marketing and sales automation integration partners. We take care of all the logistics, including everything from global operations in one of our worldwide fulfillment centers (in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific) to confirming addresses. We also have dedicated global customer success and support teams that are ready to ensure your success.

Who uses Sendoso?

Sendoso enables revenue teams like marketing, sales, HR, and customer experience to stay connected throughout the buyer journey.

How do I send a gift on Sendoso?

Send a single item or launch an entire send campaign. Our globally curated marketplace includes everything from food, alcohol, and hand-crafted goods to branded merchandise, virtual experiences, and more. Simply log in to the platform or connect with one of our experts—they’ll help you curate and select the right gift. Send directly from the platform or set up automated triggers to send at key stages in the sales cycle.

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