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Struggling with cold outbound or customer renewals? Spice up your outreach and warm up your customer relationships by sending over a bottle of Commsor’s custom made revenue themed hot sauces. Choose the The Warm Intro, Cayenne Cold Call, SDR Tears, Ghosted Pepper, or all 4 to ignite conversations with your customers.

Send Hot Intros Sauce Here


Put the heat into your pipeline by sending one of our Hot Intros Sauces to kick start conversations with your buyers. If you’ve been ghosted by buyer, test out sending out the Ghosted Pepper sauce or the SDR Tears to let them know you want to reignite the conversation.


Keep important conversations and relationships alive after an event, conference, or campaign by sending one our Hot Intros Sauces with a handwritten note. Ensure your brand stays memorable by sending a spicy revenue themed hot sauce.

Customer Experience

Onboarding a new customer or have an upcoming renewal? Remind your customers that your product and services are a “hot” commodity by sending one of our sauces.

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