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Secure address information with ease

Secure address information with ease

Ask buyers and customers to confirm or edit their address information before you send them something. Send an automated request via Sendoso or add a link to the request landing page to your own branded emails. No address on file? No problem! You can send a blank form and ask recipients to enter their address for you. If they take no action, your send can be automatically canceled to conserve tight budgets.

See high response rates

To ensure you see high response rates, we send automatic reminder emails 24 hours before your Address Confirmation requests expire in case recipients don’t respond right away. Plus, you can adjust the expiration criteria from two days to up to seven days depending on the urgency of your send or campaign.

See high response rates
Rest assured—address information is kept private

Rest assured—address information is kept private

Are your recipients concerned about the privacy of their address information? We take security seriously which is why any address information provided is only used for the one-time send you’re requesting it for and is not exposed to you, putting your buyer’s and customer’s minds at ease.

Meet your customers where they are, from Seattle to Stockholm and beyond

Scale globally and be confident that your gift will reach your connections. With international address confirmation and verification, no matter where your prospects or customers are in the world, addresses are validated, and your sends will have all the necessary details to reach your recipients.

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Strategic sending drives real results!

increase in response rates
over 200%
return on campaign investment
hours saved per campaign

See how leading B2B companies use Sendoso to fuel revenue

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We’ve seen response rates and success with Sendoso like no other form of outreach.

Peter Tarrant, Account Based Marketer, Tipalti

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