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The power of choice

Vast Global Marketplace

Choose from physical and eGift options in 51 countries, from food delivery and coffee shops, charity and philanthropy, to games and entertainment, and even cash-equivalent options.

Worldwide Send Curation

Our send curators are experts in finding the perfect items, no matter where you’re sending.

Local Buyers

With resident US and EU-based buyers, Sendoso curates eGift and physical selections unique to each market.

“As an advisor and user of the platform, I am so thrilled to be part of Kris’s vision to grow European-wide operations, which helps organisations to connect to their customers/prospects, and drives direct impact to customer retention and revenue growth.”

Predeepa Kolli, Sendoso Advisor  |  Head of Global SDR/Inside Sales at Workplace @Facebook

“The immense value and economies of scale that come from adopting a single platform globally to meet the needs of regional revenue teams around the world cannot be overstated enough.”

Jeff Koll, Sendoso Advisor  |  Head of EMEA Center of Excellence at Zoom

“As a business built on logistics management and excellence, Paack knows firsthand how hard it is to get it right. Sendoso is making the right strategic investments and focus in scaling their global warehouse and logistics operations and capabilities—EU customers will be the beneficiaries of this focus.”

Ignacio Lopez, Sendoso Advisor  |  COO at Paack

The power of scale

Global Fulfillment Centers

Sendoso supports all your sending needs with fulfillment centers in the US, Canada, UK, EU, and Asia-Pacific.

International Address Confirmation

Address Confirmation ensures that what you send reaches your customers wherever they are.

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“Scaling internationally is super important for fast-growing businesses. Europe represents a substantial growth opportunity for Sendoso at this point in the company’s journey.”

Joe Morrissey, Chief Revenue Officer at Segment

“An experienced leadership team is essential for sustainable growth, especially on a global scale. Sendoso has built a highly experienced, all-star leadership team, ensuring successful growth and expansion in the EU, APAC, and beyond. The positive impact Sendoso will have on European companies and their customers is going to be huge.”

Rav Dhaliwal, Sendoso Advisor

Global companies can reap the benefits of Sendoso’s integrated platform, and EU and APAC operations. Sendoso’s continued focus on logistics and global support is matched by a strong corporate culture and investment in employee development.”

Fidelma Butler, Sendoso Advisor  |  Vice President—Talent & Organization Development at Zendesk

“The opportunity to work with a single solutions provider is always a huge value add for a global business. Sendoso’s investment in worldwide warehousing, logistics, and business operations should give any multinational enterprise peace of mind in selecting Sendoso as their global sending solution.”

Sara Richter, Sendoso Advisor  |  CMO at Emarsys, an SAP company

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The power of confidence

Global Support

Live support 5 days a week, 18 hours a day, ensures you are covered in any location or time zone.

Data and Security

Sendoso is fully GDPR compliant and SOC 2 Certified.

GDPR SecureAICPA SOC certified

“As a rapidly growing global company, Notion has experienced first hand the importance of hiring experienced local leadership to ensure operational excellence. Sendoso has, and continues to build, a top-notch leadership team in the EU—ensuring flawless execution for Sendoso’s global customer base.”

Robbie O’Connor, Sendoso Advisor  |  EMEA GM at Notion (makenotion.com)

“Having previously headed up the European and Asian divisions of companies such as Trillium Software, Lanner, and Witness Systems, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to deliver industry-leading quality quality in every market you serve. Sendoso is doing this today across the globe—delivering the same high-quality platform, service, and logistics to their European operations. This approach has already seen them become the market leader in the US.”

Hussain Mirza, Sendoso Advisor  |  Vice President Europe at DRYiCE, and HCL Technologies,  UK

“Scaling business operations internationally is challenging in and of itself, but Sendoso understands what it means to serve a global client base. Sendoso’s warehouse and logistics, combined with their Global Marketplace, is a great example of this.”

Shane Murphy-Reuter, Sendoso Advisor | CMO at Zoominfo

“The strength of your corporate culture and living your values can make or break any organization. Sendoso is a company clearly committed to an inclusive corporate culture where individuals are empowered to bring their best selves and deliver top-quality work. This should be a litmus test for customers as they evaluate solution providers.”

Bijan Bedroud, Sendoso Advisor  |  SVP & GM at International (EMEA & APAC), Salesforce.org

“Sendoso’s offering can make a huge impact in Europe, especially after the pandemic and people being so disconnected. The personalised and high-touch nature of what they offer is the perfect antidote for business connecting with customers or colleagues.”

Mike McDonagh, Sendoso Advisor  |  Director at Sigmar Recruitment Consultants

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We’ve seen response rates and success with Sendoso like no other form of outreach.

Peter Tarrant, Account Based Marketer, Tipalti

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