Action Your Intent Data Using Bombora + Sendoso

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Bombora + Sendoso

If you’ve heard the phrase “Do more with less,” raise your hand. 🙋

Marketers have been tasked with generating a pipeline that converts, filling the lead funnel, creating engaging content, launching campaigns - the list goes on. At the same time, budgets are flat or shrinking, and time spent on any one project is at a premium.

So, how can you effectively accomplish all these goals while being efficient with time and money? We have one word for you: automation.

You might be thinking, “Sendoso, you’re all about the personal touch! Isn’t automation the complete opposite of that?” We’re here to tell you that you can have your automation and build personal relationships, too. We think of it as helping you send the right gift to the right person at the right time.

By integrating the tools you already have at your fingertips with Sendoso, you can build (and scale!) outreach programs that are personalized and effective without adding any additional workflows to your marketing or sales process. 

Fuel your pipeline by combining Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data and Sendoso to trigger personalized gifts for companies actively researching your products and services. This integration allows you to set up specific sends based on a contact’s role in the opportunity – evaluator, decision maker,  influencer, etc. – ensuring you create a more personalized experience and stand out from your competition.

Using this playbook, you can:

  • Engage the accounts showing an increased interest in your products and services based on Bombora Company Surge®
  • Trigger sending as an engagement channel based on Bombora Intent topics for your prospects 
  • Monitor competitive Bombora topics to mitigate churn and re-engage quiet customers with Sendoso sending campaigns
  • Align your GTM teams with sending based on  Intent from Bombora to create a full-funnel engagement plan

If you need help setting up the Bombora integration, please click here for instructions.

Formula for Success

When using this playbook, follow this formula:

Using Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data allows you to trigger a gift to prospects that are showing Intent for your product, meaning they are likely in-market and ready to buy, if not already evaluating tools. 

We chatted with the experts at Bombora to illustrate exactly how to use this formula in your gifting strategy. 

Identify the signal:  Set up a Bombora topic cluster per product line within your CRM (recommended between 15 and 50 topics)

Using intent signals around topics that relate to your product are the best way to capitalize on in-market accounts. It allows you to connect with potential prospects early on in their journey, helping you get in front of them before your competitors do.

Set up the trigger: Create reports containing accounts showing Intent on Bombora topic clusters. The report should include intent on a minimum of 3-4 topics for top of funnel, and at least 6-8 topics for mid-funnel.

Once you’ve identified the topic clusters you want to track intent for, you can create reports to organize your accounts into outreach buckets. Your buckets should be based on where the account is in the funnel, and which topic clusters the account is showing intent for. This way, you can incorporate personalization at scale by tailoring your messaging and gift based on the data you’ve collected.

Complete the action: Trigger sending to accounts showing intent on accounts matching your specified trigger criteria.

The report you create in your trigger step is now your list for your gifting campaign. It’s time to now complete the action of setting up the gifting campaign through Sendoso, targeting the accounts in your list, and launching it.

As mentioned in the trigger step, it’s a good idea to use different campaigns depending on the topics being researched and the funnel stage the account is in. These campaigns should match up with the buckets you’ve created using your reports. But thanks to Sendoso’s automation, you can build evergreen campaigns to run in the background without having to think about them. 

Build Your Gifting Strategy

After you’ve identified the relevant data to track and have set up your trigger, it’s time to think about your gifting campaigns. Personalization is key, and there are a few things to consider when building your plan.

Choosing the right gift

First and foremost, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. In any of your gifting campaigns, it’s important to offer your recipient a few gifts to choose from, in a range that touches on different interests or needs. For this, a Sendoso Choice campaign is the way to go.

The type of gifts you include in your outreach should correspond to the type of campaign you’re running. 

For a door-opener campaign targeting an account that’s at the top of your funnel, starting with eGift cards is a great choice. Depending on how large your audience is, this helps avoid eating up your budget and gives you time to assess the success of the campaign before going all-in on larger gifts.

Popular eGifts include gift cards for coffee, food delivery, and restaurants. 

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Panera Bread gift cards

When you’re targeting specific personas at high-value accounts, you may want to splurge a little with physical gift options. Getting something delivered into the hands of your prospect is super impactful and will definitely make an impression on them. 

There are likely two levels of contacts you’ll be targeting at your accounts: Above the Line and Below the Line buyers. 

Above the Line buyers are typically C-suite or VP level, and tend to be the main decision makers in the account. They usually aren’t the end user, so the pain point your product is solving for likely isn’t apparent in their day-to-day. However, they are typically the people who are approving budgets and spend, so you’ll want to make sure they have a firm understanding of how your product benefits their team. A thoughtful gift can go a long way into making these busy execs pay attention to you.

The ideal budget for these personas is $100-$250. Sendoso has thousands of gifts available in our marketplace, so it’s easy to pick out a few items that are universally appealing. Here are some examples:

For the homebody: Loved & Found Cozy Night In spirits box

For the fashion-forward: The Sustainable Watch Co.: The Oak Watch

For the note-taker: Dayspring Pens Noteworthy Leather Journal and Pen Set

Below the Line buyers are more likely to be your main point of contact and champion in the company. They are the end user of your product, and they are looking to solve a real problem. Unlike Above the Line buyers, they are intimately familiar with the tools they’re using, and can quickly identify their pain points and blockers. However, they typically aren’t in charge of spending or budget, and will usually have to request approval or bring in decision-makers before the deal can close.

When you’ve identified your champion, you’ll want to build and cement that relationship quickly. Even though you’re spending less on these gifts, the action is no less valuable. The ideal price point for this group is $25-$50, but you can go as high as $75 if your budget allows. 

Here are some of our favorite gifts at this price point:

For the sweet tooth: Grove Cookie Company - Baker’s Choice Dozen Cookies

For those in need of a spa day: The Goodness Project Calm Wellness Letterbox Gift Box

For the one who just wants to have fun: Piñatagram

Don’t forget…

Along with the gifts, make sure to include collateral that points to the ROI your platform can provide or features and benefits that can make life easier for the teams you’re speaking to.

You can also send a handwritten note with a CTA to book a meeting, as well as automating a follow up email to be sent when the recipient receives their gift.

Use Cases

Gifting is a strategy you can incorporate into many aspects of your business, but for the purpose of this playbook we’ve identified three of the best ways to use Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data:

  • Breaking into a new account
  • Connecting with specific decision makers
  • Mitigating churn and re-engaging quiet customers

Using gifting as tool in these three scenarios can help get you in the door, accelerate your time to closing a deal, and keeping your customers engaged, which in turn can lower churn.

Action: Break into a new account

Getting that first meeting on the calendar can be the toughest part of the prospecting cycle. Using the same formula from the beginning of the playbook, let’s lay out an example of how you can use gifting to bust open that door.

Identify the signal: In Bombora, you’ve created topic clusters based on intent topics that are related to top of funnel activity, which you’ve been tracking activity on. 

Create the trigger: You’ve set up reports to track which accounts are showing intent on your topics. For this campaign, the intent topics you’re working with are:

  • Account based marketing
  • Revenue generation
  • Churn reduction

Complete the action: The accounts that are showing intent on this topic cluster are ready to be put into a gifting campaign, automated by Sendoso. 

Because you know the topics these accounts are searching for, you can personalize your email messaging to address these topics.

When writing your emails, we recommend not positioning the gift as a trade for their time. Instead, lead with your value proposition and offer the gift without any expectations.

Here’s an example email based on the topics we’ve identified in our trigger:

Action: Multi-thread to specific decision-makers at in-market accounts

Mutli-threading your outreach to multiple contacts in one account has become one of the quickest roads to success.

Complete the action: Using the same intent signals and report, but segmenting by title, you can create messaging that speaks to decision makers and other ATL buyers in your target accounts.

Action: Mitigate churn and re-engage quiet customers

Relationship building doesn’t end when the ink is dry on the contract. If you want to set the stage for renewals and upsells, you need to stay on top of your customer’s activity and proactively engage them throughout their lifecycle.

Identify the signal: In your intent topic clusters, in addition to topics related to your solution and the pain points you address, you’ll want to include names of your top competitors as an early indication that your customer may be at risk of churning. 

Create the trigger: You’ve set up reports to track which customers are showing intent on the topics you’ve chosen. In this campaign, the topics you’re working with are:

  • 2-3 competitors
  • Account based marketing
  • Revenue generation
  • Churn reduction

Complete the action: In your email, acknowledge if it’s been a while since you last talked, and include a reference to the topic or topics they’re showing Intent on. It may be the same as when they first onboarded, or it may have changed. Either way, you have a touchpoint to connect with them in a meeting and get the relationship back on track.

Analyze Your Success

Measure ROI of your Bombora-Influenced Sendoso Campaigns

Once you’ve implemented your campaigns using Bombora and Sendoso, you’ll want to track and analyze your results to determine your success. You can look at the data in a few different ways.

Intent increase: Keep track of the intent signals of the prospects you’re reaching out to. Are they trending upward or downward? This is a good first indication of the effectiveness of your messaging.

Gift acceptance: Are your gifts being accepted or going unnoticed? A high acceptance rate means that your prospects are at least reading your emails and are interested enough to redeem their gift offer. Periodically looking at what gifts are accepted the most can help determine which items are the best choices for your campaigns.

Meetings booked: Compare the number of meetings booked from these campaigns to your typical benchmark. Is it higher or lower? This is a good indicator of effective messaging.

Meetings booked to show rate: Are your prospects attending the meetings they’ve booked with you? Compare your benchmark show rate to those of your campaigns. If it’s missing the mark, you may consider changing your messaging or the signals you’re targeting.

Opportunity Win Rate: How are your campaigns influencing won deals? Tracking the progress of your account lists through the sales cycle is another helpful indicator of your timing, messaging, and gift resonating with your prospects.

Send It!

In conclusion, leveraging automation alongside Sendoso’s tailored gifting solutions boosts your marketing efficiency and personalizes the customer journey. By integrating Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data with Sendoso, you can pinpoint the perfect moment for gift-sending, ensuring your outreach is as impactful as possible.

This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of your campaigns but also provides a memorable experience that can differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace. As you deploy these strategies, remember to continuously analyze the results to refine and optimize your efforts. By doing so, you’re not just reaching out—you’re connecting in a way that resonates and builds lasting relationships.

Let's embrace the power of strategic gifting and automation to drive success and create unforgettable moments for your prospects and customers.