Boost Meeting Booking and Attendance Using Sendoso & Chili Piper or Calendly

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If you’ve heard the phrase “Do more with less,” raise your hand. 🙋

These days, sales teams are facing increasingly lofty goals, while managing outbound prospecting and engaging with inbound leads. With everyone’s time at a premium, it can be extremely difficult to even get a meeting on the calendar, much less progress to an opportunity.

So, how can you boost the number of meetings your team is booking, as well as increase meeting attendance rates? We have one word for you: automation.

You might be thinking, “Sendoso, you’re all about the personal touch! Isn’t automation the complete opposite of that?” We’re here to tell you that you can have your automation and build personal relationships, too. 

By integrating the tools you already have at your fingertips with Sendoso, you can build (and scale!) campaigns that can be utilized by AEs and SDRs alike, allowing your team to more effectively book meetings with their prospects, and cut down on wasted time prepping for demos that ultimately end up being no-shows.

We’ve created this playbook to help you maximize our Chili Piper and Calendly integrations. Real Sendoso customers have proven these strategies, so we know they work. Get ready to supercharge your sales processes and impress leadership with your team’s success.

Sendoso + Scheduling Tools

Chili Piper and Calendly are scheduling tools that allow prospects to book a meeting according to your availability, without having to play the back and forth email game. Using this playbook, you can:

  • Increase demos booked by offering a gift after a prospect schedules a meeting
  • Learn how to use a personal scheduling link as the default link, allowing an SDR to send meeting invitations on behalf of their AE

Follow these steps to create programs to connect with the right person at the right time, with the right message and gift.

If you need help setting up an automated gifting campaign using Sendoso + Chili Piper or Calendly, click here for setup instructions.

Formula for Success

When using this playbook, follow this formula:

Identify the signal: When a prospect requests a demo and doesn't book a meeting, or books a meeting and you want to give a friendly reminder to confirm their attendance.

Create the trigger: Set up an email to be sent to prospects that haven't booked a meeting or a reminder the day before or day of to boost your meeting attendance.

Complete the action: Send prospects an email with a gift link using a Sendoso Choice campaign to start or continue the conversation and build the relationship without leaving your workflow.

Build Your Gifting Strategy

After you’ve identified the prospect scenarios you want to include in your campaigns track and have set up your trigger, it’s time to think about your gifting campaigns. Personalization is key, and there are a few things to consider when building your plan.

Choosing the right gift

First and foremost, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. In any of your gifting campaigns, it’s important to offer your recipient a few gifts to choose from, in a range that touches on different interests or needs. For this, a Sendoso Choice campaign is the way to go.

An eGift is a popular choice for these types of campaigns. They are generally on the lower end of your budget, which is great for testing, and are immediate gratification for your recipient. The most commonly offered eGifts include coffee cards and gift cards for restaurants or food delivery services.

Use Cases

The two most common use cases for this integration are to increase the number of meetings booked, and improving your meeting show rate.

Action: Increase Meeting Booking

Identify the signal: A prospect requests a demo, but doesn't follow through with booking a meeting.

Create the trigger: Set up an email including a gift offer to be sent after a certain amount of time to the prospect.

Complete the action: Send the email containing the gift offer, inviting them to book a meeting.

Sendoso’s scheduling tool integrations can help increase meeting show rates from gifting campaigns. By adding a Chili Piper or Calendly link to a gift send, you require the recipient to book a meeting before accessing their gift. For example, encourage prospects to join a demo by offering an eGift to cover coffee or lunch while you chat.

The Sendoso and scheduling tool integrations with Chili Piper and Calendly also allow you to use your personal scheduling link as the default calendar link. Plus, you can measure your success with snapshots of meetings booked and conversion rates.

Action: Boost Meeting Attendance

Identify the signal: A prospect has scheduled a meeting and it's the day before or morning of the meeting time.

Create the trigger: Create an email containing an eGift link to be sent before the meeting.

Complete the action: Send the email with the eGift link and a friendly message reminding the prospect about your meeting, to incentivize attendance.

Chili Piper themselves ran this type of campaign. Once a meeting was booked with Chili Piper, the sales reps sent a $5 coffee eGift card. They strategically sent the coffee cards on the day of the meeting as a reminder. It worked, too. The coffee eGift reminder resulted in a 33% increase in meeting show rates.

Analyze Your Success

Once you’ve implemented your campaigns using Chili Piper or Calendly and Sendoso, you’ll want to track and analyze your results to determine your success. You can look at the data in a few different ways.

Gift acceptance: Are your gifts being accepted or going unnoticed? A high acceptance rate means that your prospects are at least reading your emails and are interested enough to redeem their gift offer. Periodically looking at what gifts are accepted the most can help determine which items are the best choices for your campaigns.

Meetings booked: Compare the number of meetings booked from these campaigns to your typical benchmark. Is it higher or lower? This is a good indicator of effective messaging.

Meetings booked to show rate: Are your prospects attending the meetings they’ve booked with you? Compare your benchmark show rate to those of your campaigns. If it’s missing the mark, you may consider changing your messaging or the signals you’re targeting.

Send It!

Embracing the combined power of Sendoso and scheduling tools like Chili Piper and Calendly, sales teams can effectively enhance their booking and attendance rates for meetings. By integrating personalized automation into your outreach strategies, you provide value that captivates prospects and encourages engagement. 

Whether it's a thoughtful eGift before a demo or a timely meeting reminder of coffee, these strategies not only increase show rates but also strengthen the relationship between sales teams and their prospects. Analyze the data, adjust your tactics, and continue to see your meeting success soar as you implement these proven techniques.