January 20, 2023

ELEVATE 2023: Event Recap


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Last week, we were thrilled to bring together Sendoso partners, customers, advisors, and prospects for our first-ever Elevate event. Hosted in Las Vegas, Elevate was an exclusive, two-day event where marketers from various industries converged to share valuable insights about streamlining their direct marketing and sending strategy to drive revenue for their organizations.

We didn’t choose the name Elevate lightly. We created our event as an opportunity for our customers and partners to come together to elevate their brands, positions in the market, communities, networks, careers, and skills.

Day 1 of Elevate

Elevate started with our inaugural partner day. The theme for this invitation-only event was  “Better Together,” and it featured a series of interactive presentations. Forty of our partners participated in sessions that dove into topics like these:


In addition to hosting our partners on day one, we also hosted our Sendoso SuperSenders. Our SuperSenders are a community of customers who have shown the most creativity and achieved the greatest success creating direct marketing experiences and personalized gifts via the Sendoso platform. Like our partners, they participated in interactive workshops highlighting topics such as sending at different parts of the buyer’s journey, high-value gifting, automations, and integrations. Throughout the afternoon, 50+participating SuperSenders shared their insights and strategies about how to optimize the Sendoso Sending Management Platform to grow revenue faster with a gift sending strategy that’s differentiated, impactful, and builds stronger, more trusted relationships.


Day 2 of Elevate

The second day of Elevate offered a full day of presentations, panels, and breakout sessions led by marketing experts and industry leaders. Throughout the program, these leaders addressed the significant challenges marketers face in 2023. They offered valuable insights and advice on topics like:

  • Reinventing your go-to market strategy for current economic conditions
  • Increasing efficiency in marketing to achieve growth through existing customers and retention
  • Leveraging community and personal connections to engage customers at every stage of their journey

It was an amazing experience to watch our customers and partners connect, in person, as they discovered ways to elevate each other. In the coming days, we’ll be sharing more details about the event and the important information participants shared. In the meantime, enjoy this video of our President and COO Michelle’s opening remarks.

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