February 15, 2024

AI Enhanced Gifting with SmartSend

Cody Farmer
Cody Farmer

Head of Product, Sendoso
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With PunPal, we said we were just dipping our toes into the water. Today, we’re introducing SmartSend. We’re knee deep into the water now. We’re continuing to iterate and innovate and be at the forefront of how to introduce new tech into gifting. This one fundamentally changes the way users will interface with Sendoso.

Sending the perfect gift just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of SmartSend, the single best gift recommendation engine that exists in the world today. SmartSend will make it easier to personalize the gift offers you send at scale, it’ll make it easier to write creative notes, and it’ll make it easier to generate pipeline, book meetings, create human connection, and drive engagement.

What is SmartSend?

SmartSend is the newest sending flow in Sendoso. You land on a page with the most recent trending products, a completely new concept in Sendoso. These are items that are landing well with our recipients across the board, ranked on recent popularity and engagement.

Unlike Sendoso’s traditional methods that require setting up campaigns beforehand, SmartSend simplifies the process by leveraging AI algorithms to assist you in finding the ideal gift for your recipient.

How does it work?

Sending via SmartSend allows you to either search for a gift using the recipient's email address or by providing a short description of their interests. SmartSend scours the internet to curate a list of gift suggestions tailored to the recipient's preferences. Once a gift is selected, users have the option to generate a personalized notecard message with a single click, courtesy of PunPal.
SmartSend automatically generates a campaign which allows for tracking back to Salesforce, to highlight the ROI and provide visibility.

SmartSend is initially available to Essential customers for a limited time. Following this period, it will be exclusive to Pro, Plus, and Enterprise plans.

With SmartSend, gifting has never been smarter or more efficient. By harnessing the power of AI, Sendoso has revolutionized the way gifts are selected, sent, and tracked. Stay tuned for future updates and enhancements to SmartSend—it's just the beginning of a smarter gifting experience.

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