Top Work From Home Gifts For Remote Employees in 2024


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Remote work isn’t going away. So it’s a good idea to consider ways to make remote workers feel appreciated. One great way to do this is to surprise and delight with engaging personal gifts.

It’s worth pointing out here that remote employees encompass your customers and prospects — not just staff on your payroll.

Choosing corporate gifts for employees was once a quick process that often overlooked how they made recipients feel. It wasn’t long until the type of gift and its context began to matter more when people eagerly shared the gift boxes they received on LinkedIn.

But if you want to captivate and show appreciation for the person (not the persona) this is the business gift guide you’re looking for.

We’ll look at the top gifts for remote workers, including what to get, types of gifts to avoid, and tried-and-true ideas for selecting the best gifts.

🏡 Remote work is here to stay

Analysts long predicted that workers would continue to work from home-offices beyond the pandemic itself.

With remote work presenting greater flexibility and saving companies millions of dollars each year, it has shifted to becoming a more permanent option for organizations around the globe.

According to Gartner, almost half of employees work from home in the post-pandemic world.

However, remote work has its limitations. Some team members are unable to connect at a personal, human level. It is crucial for staff feels valued beyond just the scope of their everyday duties.

Remote work struggles are real

Buffer’s State of Remote Work uncovered a reality that many people might not be aware of. Working from home often brings with it challenges in focus, loneliness, staying motivated, and working continuously.

WFH Struggles - Buffer
Employees who work from home have some challenges. (Source: Buffer)

Employees can lose morale when they feel undervalued or unappreciated. This often comes through virtual employee engagement surveys.

But most people continue onward even when employers don’t acknowledge their efforts. In a tight job market, employees can’t afford to lose top talent. A renewed focus on employee wellness, connectedness, and building a strong culture has taken center stage.

The study goes on to point out that four out of 10 workers find themselves working more due to the distance from the office. So there are certainly some areas companies think about to improve the overall experience for their remote workforce.

Remote Work Connectedness Challenges for WFH - Buffer
Remote workers tend to feel less connected with peers. (Source: Buffer)

Remote work affects more than employees

The gift ideas and strategies mentioned here apply just as much to prospects and customers as they do to your team.

For a majority of B2B brands, prospects don’t typically work out of an office. And when they do, many enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

As outbound motions prove more difficult in congested marketing channels, there’s an increasing need to stand out by being more personal, relevant, and thoughtful.

Everyone welcomes a little more love from employees, brands they do business with, and vendors they work with.

✅ Why Share Gifts With Remote Employees

Gifts for remote employees are a powerful tool to show appreciation to their team. Here are 12 common scenarios to send gifts to your employees for inspiration.

  • Welcome to the team (onboarding) – A customizable welcome gift box will make new employees feel valued and can also be an icebreaker with co-workers.  Personalized gifts are preferable, and a personal message and a thoughtfully chosen welcome present will enhance the employee’s first-day experience.
  • Team building and bonding – Enhance social relations and define roles by getting remote teams together, for example, in a zoom meeting; over a gift basket or snack box. This team-building connection improves productivity and allows teams to communicate, plan and problem-solve through fun team bonding activities.
  • Hard work and performance – Gift-giving is an excellent technique to ensure that someone feels appreciated. Gifts such as mini gadgets, desk ornaments, or virtual gifts, such as an Amazon gift card or Netflix subscriptions make a perfect gift.
  • Follow-up from team huddles -With a good headset, endless video meetings and phone conferences can be more bearable. Portable Chargers are also a great team gift for workers who like to use their phones and laptops while on the go.
  • Workspace upgrades. With virtual teams, keeping the workspace professional can present a challenge. Calendar planners, desk organizers, office supplies, and professional backdrops are just a few gifts to help employees feel more proficient on a typical workday at home.
  • Staff well-being -There’s nothing quite like an employer that cares about their staff’s well-being. Mini self-care packages, fitness trackers, massage vouchers, or simply a mental health day are thoughtful gifts to make employees feel valued and cared for.
  • Housewarming gifts – A houseplant or succulent can alter a workspace instantly. A study by the University of Exeter found that having at least one nearby plant can enhance productivity by 15%.
  • Holiday gifts – When national holidays occur, sending B2B holiday gifts to employees can significantly impact their performance.  High-quality Bluetooth speakers for all family members are a perfect example of a relevant Christmas gift. Check out this guide to holiday marketing campaigns for more festive ideas.
  • Charitable gifts – Both employers and employees generally feel good if a donation is made in their names. It’s essential to choose a nonprofit that serves the community or speaks to the company. Amplify team impact by matching donations to a non-profit.
  • Anniversary gifts – Given that our emotions and performance are intimately linked, neglecting an employee’s work anniversary can affect motivation and productivity. Keeping employees happy has all-around benefits.
  • Themed holiday party – For those not local to a company office, send them a themed gift box to celebrate with the team. Give them the power of choice by offering a few variations that include alcohol, wine, and non-spirited drinks to participate. Include a pair of Apple Airpods to liberate your team from bulky headsets.
  • Performance rewards – Rewarding teams and individuals for exceeding their goals boosts staff morale. Gift cards for  Amazon, eBay, or Sling can promote motivation in employees.
  • Career milestones – Celebrating an employee’s promotion is essential as it makes them feel recognized for their professional milestones. Companies can also use branded swag to reinforce company loyalty, and happy employees are likely to sport the corporate swag with pride. Sendoso makes it easy to set up a swag store in minutes with branded merchandise exclusively for employees.

These are all excellent reasons to send a gift to an employee, partner, or future customer. But there are several issues to be aware of when sending products unexpectedly to their doorsteps.

Sendoso streamlines gifting marketing, sales follow-up, and customer success teams in one comprehensive platform.

Unexpected Risks of Unexpected Gifts

Sending gifts to remote teams exposes you to some risk. Even if you have great intentions, it could send the wrong message. Or result in returns, unfavorable comments, and waste.

1) One-size-fits-all gifts impress no one.
This is where most employee swag programs go awry. For instance, when branded swag might not be all that mutually rewarding. This is more of an issue when gifts aren’t all that impressive and someone’s trying to hit a target unit cost. For our Christmas Vacation fans, this is like adding everyone to the Jelly of the Month Club.

2) Sticking your company logo on a water bottle or coffee mug declares recipients less important.
While a popular way of getting your brand out there, it does little to show gratitude. However, when it comes to wearing a branded T-shirt, many employees opt not to advertise where they work. Everyone has a closet full of shirts with logos that never sees the sun.

3) Sending remote workers branded apparel can be tricky when it comes to sizing.
Clothing sizes vary between manufacturers and sending them the wrong size can offend. Furthermore, asking staff to add their size to a shared spreadsheet or Google Form could feel invasive. Instead, opt for using a gifting platform that works with limited-run high-quality clothing that you (and your team) can be proud to wear.

4) Sending baked goods could be harmful.
Employees might not advertise if they or their family members have specific health risks. Approximately 10% of adults have a food allergy, so sending over food gifts could be unwelcome or even result in a trip to the hospital. Aside from peanut allergies, there are dairy, egg, and gluten to be mindful of.

A Better Solution For WFH Gifting

Ask yourself, “Am I making personal connections with our team members? Or am I just sending stuff?”

Appealing to the personal interests of each person by using AI and human-assisted research to discover the most appropriate personal gifts is vital. Someone who loves reading likely has different passions than those who enjoy basketball.

Finding the best employee appreciation gifts has been challenging for many. With every employee having unique needs, personalized gift-giving is essential to delight and impress.

To make that a little easier for you, we’ve curated a list of perfect gift ideas for your team.

Best Gifts for Remote Employees

With the following types of gifts, you won’t run out of ideas to make an impact on your valued employees.

Headphones – Premium-grade headphones with noise-cancellation abilities empower employees to communicate well in virtual meetings and calls. They also allow workers to minimize background noise, focusing on the work at hand. It’s one employee gift that pays its dividends later.

Succulents – Succulents are a trendy gift for remote employees as they bring a cleaner and greener feel to the home. They survive just about any climate but are low-maintenance and easy to maintain.

Yeti mugs – Premium, insulated mugs are a gift suitable for any occasion. These will keep anyone’s beverage hot or cold, making it a must-have item for your remote team members.

Snack boxes – Because who doesn’t love snacks? Surprise your employees with delicious treats to snack on during the week as a thank you for their work. You can personalize snack boxes to fit each worker’s edible preferences.

Subscription – At just $13 per month, Netflix is just one example of an excellent way to thank employees for their hard work. Other examples include HBO Max, Kindle Unlimited, YouTube TV, or Scribd.

Desk chair – A premium office chair is a great gift for employees to take care of themselves and invest in their workspace. Everyone has different tastes so suggest a top-rated vendor or a similar amount to Staples to shop ‘til they drop.

Donations to charity – One of the most meaningful gifts for remote workers is a donation to a cause or charity they support. Employees who work from home frequently describe feeling removed from real-world challenges. A donation gives them a rewarding way to give back.

Stationary and desk supplies – Even in an all-digital world, many remote employees enjoy having a physical notebook that’s high quality. Desk supplies like cell phone chargers and cord organizers can be a neat addition to any desk.

Kids activity sets – For those with children at home who could use some extra entertaining, perfect for ages 5–8. It’s a perfect WFH gift so employees can have fun with their families in their off time. Plus, it’s a neat way to ask what remote team members think.

✨ Gifting Strengthens Employee Engagement

Businesses are giving greater thought to corporate gifts these days because they’ve discovered how it advances company growth goals. As we head into 2023, retaining top talent is among the top B2B marketing trends.

Personal, relevant, and thoughtful gift ideas expand a person’s sense of being valued. Employees like it when their efforts and services are recognized, which is an excellent boost to their morale.

Given that gifting is far more than handing out the notepad and branded company stickers, employers must consider designing the appropriate gift packages to elicit the desired response and action from recipients.

This is especially true when giving personalized presents to employees since the personalization component heightens the sense that something has been custom-made just for them.

Our top-rated corporate gifting platform includes research, gifts, and integrations to send the right gift to your valued employees without any of the logistical hassles.

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