A Beginner’s Guide on Sending Platforms

A sending platform may be the perfect solution if you’re looking to stand out from the digital noise. You can quickly build and grow your business relationships with personalized sending. Get started and discover why a sending platform works, and why businesses are turning to Sendoso for results.


A Beginner’s Guide on Sending Platforms

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Everything you need to know about Sending Platforms

The digital landscape is getting crowded and customers are inundated by all the noise. From email marketing to social media, businesses are doing whatever they can to attract customers and prospects.

How do you stand out from all the noise? Send a personalized gift. That’s right, we said it. Stand out and rise above all the digital noise with a Sending Platform. It’s proven to work!

RollWorks increased response rates by 55% when their teams integrated a sending platform within their marketing programs.

Samsara sparked more conversations and revived cold accounts by sending gifts. They increased their pipeline by more than 250% QoQ.

Firemon demonstrated the importance of partnering with Sendoso when they surpassed their ROI goal by 570%

In terms of implementation, the ramp up time for Sendoso was really fast. It’s had very quantifiable and rapid influences on opportunity and pipeline generation.

Zoey Morck

Marketing Programs Specialist at FireMon

If you’re beginning your search for the perfect Sending Platform or need more information on how to implement one into your business, you’ve come to the right place.

The beginner’s guide will explore:

  • How to achieve ROI, increase brand awareness, and more.
  • Easy ways to integrate sending into your sales and marketing strategies
  • What to look for in a sending platform

It’s everything you need to know about using personalized sending to build and grow business relationships.

Learn how to generate revenue with sending