The Ultimate Guide to Building Stronger Connections with Buyers


The Ultimate Guide to Building Stronger Connections with Buyers

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Intent data and gifting from 6sense and Sendoso are the key.

Breaking into target accounts isn’t easy when your competitors are all doing and saying the same things. But the truth is, building stronger relationships with potential buyers is simple. It all comes down to figuring out where they are in their journey.

AI insights and intent data from 6sense combined with strategic gifting from Sendoso can help you personalize your messaging to each prospect and give the right gift at the right time.  

In our latest playbook with 6sense, Build Stronger Connections with Buyers Using Intent Data and Gifting: A Simple Guide, we’ll reveal how to combine 6sense and Sendoso to accelerate deals and eliminate wasted resources. Key insights include:

  • How to send the right door-opener at the right time
  • Why a multi-channel gifting strategy can speed up the buyer’s journey
  • How to meet prospects where they are

In this playbook, you’ll discover:

  • The challenges of breaking into target accounts and strategies to help you stand out
  • ABM plays for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • How to target in-market ICPs for ABM success