Catapult growth with aligned sales and marketing teams


Catapult growth with aligned sales and marketing teams

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Get your sales and marketing alignment done once and for all.

The Send in an Expert Thought Leadership Series

Your go-to source for gifting strategies you can trust. From Board Advisors, CEOs, CMOs, and more, this thought leadership series will house time-tested plans and insights that get you results. Learn new sales techniques, read our latest marketing findings, and use our actionable guides to kick-start your journey in integrating “sending,” or gifting, within your company. After all, relationships matter, so let your marketing, sales, HR, and CX teams build them.

In this inaugural issue of our Send in an Expert Thought Leadership Series, Sendoso CEO Kris Rudeegraap makes the case for alignment between sales and marketing teams. The impact on revenue, both good and bad, relies heavily on this part of an organization to get in sync.

When budgets are tight, and economic forecasts are uncertain, the “blame game” can creep into organizations. This finger pointing between sales and marketing teams is because they are out of alignment—and aren’t working together to meet shared goals.

But although they’re organizationally siloed, they have a common organizational goal—to increase revenue.

To help you hit revenue targets, we’re sharing tips and real world “alignment” adopters. Learn how:

In our newest guide, The Definitive Guide to Sales and Marketing Alignment for a Revenue Revolution, CEO of Sendoso Kris Rudeegraap will walk you through how a Sending Management Platform can help your revenue operations both inside and out.

Download this guide to learn:

  • What is marketing and sales alignment?
  • How to align sales and marketing
  • The revenue revolution
  • The role of metrics and team leadership
  • Early adopters and their results

When Uberflip used Salesloft and the Sendoso platform to align its sales and marketing teams around a single massive campaign, the company saw more than 3,000% ROI on pipeline value and over 200% return on closed revenue. Alignment can have a huge impact.