Puns for gifts: calendar guide for every holiday

Clever puns to add humor to your account-based marketing and sales campaigns. Discover holiday puns and corporate gift ideas for every month. Or download the entire 365 Pun Calendar as a PDF for inspiration.


Puns for gifts: calendar guide for every holiday

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Let’s taco ’bout a good play on words.

In marketing, puns can link a good campaign together. Creative sales copy and fresh marketing themes land better with a little humor. But smart marketers can turn puns from dad jokes to an ABM call-to-action.

When do marketing puns work?

It’s all about timing.

Some of the most successful Sendoso customers curate B2B marketing campaigns designed around holidays. And not just the major holidays.

Marketers use everything from National Coffee Day in October to Star Wars Day in May to surprise and delight prospects, customers, and even employees.

How to pair puns and gifts?

The formula is simple.

Pick a holiday, a pun, and a corporate gift to bring your wordplay together to create an unforgettable direct mail campaign.

Let’s look at Outreach’s winning play on words.

  • Holiday – Graham Cracker Day, July 5
  • Pun – Outreach will help you book “s’more meetings.
  • Gift – Send s’more kits to enterprise target accounts

Are marketing puns professional?

Yes, successful marketers swear by well-designed campaigns.

“No matter who your customer is, they’re still humans and they’re still people,” explains Adam May, senior manager of marketing incubation and testing at Thomson Reuters.

They generally enjoy funny stuff like a good pun.

Adam May

Thomson Reuters

Puns can range from campy to clever.

It’s not about creating new jokes, but setting the right tone and catching someone’s attention.

Download our pun calendar today

“I think marketers have heard all the puns and go tone-deaf to them. But you have to remember that your customers aren’t marketers and they don’t hear all the creative stuff all the time, so a baseline level of creativity goes a long way.”

Remember, the best campaigns, and gifts, take planning. Gifts need to be personalized and the messaging has to land well. Sendoso made it easy for you. Plan ahead by finding gifts and puns for each month or download the entire 365 Pun Calendar packed with puns.


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