Take your corporate gifting to the next level with Sendoso’s Maturity Model


Take your corporate gifting to the next level with Sendoso’s Maturity Model

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How do you connect with people and drive revenue?

Sending gifts is an effective way to connect and develop deeper relationships with prospects, customers, and your team. There are several stages in the “sending” process to help you drive revenue. To make it simple and effective, we created the Sendoso Maturity Model to meet you where you are no matter where in the process you’re in.


What is a maturity model?

Maturity models have been around for decades, especially in software development. They were created to foster continuous improvement in business processes. Maturity models follow a curve, such as initial customer sales contact through long-term client account management. They often follow the framework of a disciplined process, developing into consistent and predictable process phases until reaching a continually improving process.

A sending maturity model is a hyper-effective way to connect with customers and drive revenue. Learn what stage your sending strategy is in with this comprehensive roadmap, and how to grow your effectiveness in reaching and converting customers.

How do I use the Sendoso Maturity Model?

Whether you’re in sales, marketing, customer experience, or working with teams at your company, you can level up your sending with this easy model.

The Maturity Model meets you where you are in the sending process. Head to the section of the guide if you know where you are in your sending maturity, or learn more about each stage to master the art of corporate gifting.

Sendoso has made the experience of corporate gifting a must-have. Direct mail works, and it continues to work. And Sendoso takes it an extra mile.

Katie Dunn, Marketing Manager, Demand Gen.

Download the Sendoso Maturity Model to learn:

  • How to effectively use sending and understand your return on investment.
  • Our 12-touchpoint process to help you reach out to prospects and customers.
  • Ways to level-up your sending strategy no matter what stage you’re in