Introducing Sendoso Tiered Predictable Pricing

Fully transparent shipping and handling rates for all your inventoried sends. No more guesswork or hidden charges. Only seamless budgeting and high ROI

Shipping and Handling Rates with Sendoso

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

Historically, Sendoso provides an estimate for shipping and handling costs when you send a gift from one of our fulfillment centers. This can lead to challenges for customers including difficulty budgeting and one-off invoices.

In order to eliminate these challenges for our customers, Sendoso launched a new approach for shipping and handling by providing predictable pricing for most inventoried sends around the world at the end of 2022. After receiving feedback from our customers, we are launching the next version of Predictable Pricing that introduces flexible tiers of pricing.

How do these changes help me as a Sendoso customer?

These changes are designed to help our customers in several ways:

  • Provide straightforward rates for easy budgeting, no guesswork
  • Simplify the user experience with flexible rates to fit all budgets and campaigns
  • Offer complete rate transparency with no hidden fees or extra charges
What is the definition of international vs. domestic shipping?

Sendoso defines “domestic shipping” as any send that is sent to a destination in the same country as the fulfillment center of origin. We define “international shipping” as a package that is sent to a destination outside the country of fulfillment center origin.

For example, if you sent from the Ireland fulfillment center to Germany, it would be considered international shipping. If you sent a package from our Phoenix fulfillment center to Texas, it would be considered domestic shipping.

What rates should I expect with this new predictable pricing?

We have created predictable rates for both shipping and handling. In order to calculate your costs, please select the appropriate handling and shipping rates below.

Handling Rates:

Handling Rates

Shipping Rates:

Shipping Rates

EU countries include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Are there any exceptions to this new pricing?

These changes apply to the majority of all inventoried sends. Here are a few exceptions to look out for:

  1. Any send that includes more than 10 items in a box.
  2. Ground shipments that are more than 10 pounds (4.5 kg).
  3. Any priority shipments (one day, two day, or three day shipping).
  4. This pricing does NOT apply to any Amazon sends.
  5. This pricing does NOT apply to aged inventory, special projects, or offboarding scenarios.
What counts as an "item" in a send?

All individual items are counted in a send, except for handwritten notes, printed notes, crinkle paper, and standard packaging. Standard packaging includes kraft brown shipping boxes, poly mailers, bubble mailers, packaging tape.

See below for a few examples.

  • If you sent three mugs, a handwritten note, and a custom box, Sendoso would count that as four items total.
  • If you sent one shirt, one candle, three notebooks, and used a standard box, we would count that as five items total.
  • If you sent three books, a bag of coffee, used a standard box, and included crinkle paper, we would count that as four items total.
How did Sendoso define these rates?

Sendoso analyzed every customer send that originated in one of our global fulfillment network over the past 18 months. Our scale enables us to get preferred rates from our shipping partners and we pass on these savings to our customers. These rates reflect the average shipping and handling costs across all customers around the world.

Dim weight is the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight. Our third party shipping partners will use a formula comparing dim weight and actual weight to calculate shipping rates. Similar to our partners, our pricing model factors in dim weight. When budgeting for your campaigns, ensure that you consider dim weight when using our rate tables.

Will these rates change over time?

Yes. Sendoso will periodically re-run this analysis to ensure we are providing the most competitive rates in the industry to our customers.

Why are international rates so much higher than your domestic rates?

International sends are more expensive than domestic sends for several reasons, including fuel costs due to farther distances, duties, customs fees, DTP, VAT, disbursement fees, and residential fees. When you combine all these costs, it’s clear that international shipping is more costly.

One way to reduce these costs is to leverage our global fulfillment network so you can avoid some of these surcharges and fees.

Let's say I needed to send 12 items. What would my cost be?

With this flat rate pricing, we actually separate shipping costs from handling costs. For sends over 10 items, we charge $10.00 plus $0.85 for each additional item. So, in this case, you would pay $11.70 in handling costs plus the flat rate shipping cost, which is $12.00 for this send. The total cost for this send would be $23.70.