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Multi-touch B2B campaign grows pipeline influence by 1400%

From Nespresso machines to night-vision goggles, ExtraHop uses high-end corporate gifts to unlock incredible ROI.

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Before partnering with Sendoso, ExtraHop managed direct mail efforts by hand, losing out on important pipeline influence data.


Through Sendoso integrations with Outreach and Salesforce, ExtraHop was finally able to track their direct mail efforts, boost account engagement, and apply more effective personalization to their ABM campaigns.


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Sendoso enables us to get our prospects' attenition in a way that's completely different than they're expecting, which opens doors for next steps.

ExtraHop is a cybersecurity company delivering cloud-native network detection and response to secure IT environments. The B2B business protects large-scale companies including Home Depot, Ulta, and multiple health service providers and their customers.

Now Sendoso is helping ExtraHop deliver pipeline and connect with key decision-makers.

ExtraHop targets more than 7,000 accounts. And it’s up to Braiden Ludtka, the campaign marketing manager, to oversee the entire strategy. Her account-based marketing team engages with an executive-level audience including chief security officers, chief information officers, and vice presidents of security.

Automating direct mail outreach

It’s Ludtka’s job to optimize ExtraHop’s B2B marketing campaigns. Her team works to engage with target accounts and key prospects. Before using Sendoso’s automated Sending Platform™, Ludtka managed the direct mail campaigns in-house including the manual labor.

Cardboard Box

“We would have a party in our office kitchen where a group of us would fill boxes with tchotchkes,” recalled Ludtka. “Then we would have to print out every single label and send them out.”

Ludtka and her team quickly learned this manual process resulted in a generic gifting strategy. It was time-consuming and impossible to track the impact of their efforts.

It was clear that ExtraHop needed help streamlining its outreach process while producing thoughtful, creative campaigns.

“We had no way of even guaranteeing whether people received our gifts, aside from anecdotal feedback.”

Enter Sendoso.

Empowering individual outreach at scale

ExtraHop brought Sendoso into the fold as part of its direct mail marketing process.

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) sent a small gift to key targets to grab their attention and encourage them to set a meeting. After the meeting was held, SDRs would follow-up with the prospect with a bigger-ticket item. They found this strategy built stronger relationships with those prospects.

With Sendoso, the SDR teams automatically could send gifts at certain points of the outreach process. It was an easy process. And it helped the team to definitively track pipeline influenced through Sendoso’s integrations with Outreach.io and Salesforce.

“One of the biggest wins with Sendoso was the ability to track who was getting our sends and being able to pull that data into Salesforce,” added Ludtka.

ExtraHop found success in one particularly compelling two-touch campaign. By utilizing Sendoso sends:

  • Teams easily grabbed the attention of their key prospects
  • Increased the number of meetings secured
  • Increased their account engagement

Triggering multi-touch SDR campaigns

The campaign centered on the idea of visibility into the “dark space” of security. After several meaningful engagements, SDRs sent prospects a monocular with a call to action to join a meeting.

Later SDRs followed up with that meeting by sending the prospect high-end night vision goggles. Not only was it an eye-catching gift, but it also gave ExtraHop more opportunities to connect with the prospect.

“Sendoso enables us to get our prospects’ attention in a way that’s completely different than they’re expecting, which opens doors for the next steps,” said Ludtka.

Each touchpoint can be triggered using the gifting platform and saving ExtraHop time and resources.

Company leaders learned Sendoso empowered SDRs by allowing them to issue sends during the right time in the courting process. Plus, it streamlined the outreach process and overall made the team more efficient.

Nespresso sends align security success

Nespresso Coffee Cups

One of ExtraHop’s most successful campaigns to date has been its “SOC-NOC” campaign.

In ExtraHop’s industry, Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Network Operations Centers (NOC) represent two different arms of a company’s IT components. They have similar goals but different responsibilities and processes. Often, the teams have trouble aligning.

Playing on this idea, the ABM team developed a two-touch campaign that helped drive meetings.

First, the ExtraHop team sent prospects a coffee mug with Nespresso pods. It also included a note suggesting bringing the SOC and NOC teams together over a cup of coffee.

For the second touchpoint, SDRs sent a higher value gift – a Nespresso machine set a meeting when they set a meeting with the prospect.

It was an engaging way to open a conversation with new prospects. It was also a chance to get two buying teams aligned and ready to move forward.

Driving incredible direct mail results

Besides being incredibly unique and memorable, what do a few pairs of night-vision goggles, a Nespresso machine, and other Sendoso gifts add up to?

Incredible returns.

ExtraHop experienced an impressive:

  • 1400% increase in pipeline influenced
  • 57X return on pipeline
  • 15% increase in meetings set to held conversion rate

ExtraHop leaders credit a lot of this work to the team’s insightful creativity and Sendoso’s streamlined gifting ability.

“We get a lot of ABM gifts from vendors that make you question whether they considered you or your business at all,” said ExtraHop Director, Demand Generation Joanne Kernie. “It’s our creative ability to define key elements that spur conversation, combined with Sendoso which makes our work so impactful.”

Sendoso gifting for good

As COVID-19 has shifted plans for many companies, ExtraHop is looking for new ways to drive engagement in a remote-first world.

ExtraHop has taken advantage of Sendoso’s gifting library. The team has used a selection of eGifts cards for coffee, UberEats, GrubHub, Amazon, and more.

However, team members also found their gifting can be used for good.

Utilizing Sendoso’s analytics, they have seen an uptick in prospects choosing to donate their eGifts to the fight against COVID-19. It is a unique regifting option provided through the Sendoso platform.

“In a COVID-19 world, there are a lot of traditional marketing demand generation programs that are no longer relevant with people working from home,” said ExtraHop Vice President of Demand Bill Glenn. “Our ability to leverage Sendoso is one of the best performing plays we have right now.”

With its proven success, ExtraHop is now looking forward to getting more of its teams involved with Sendoso.

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