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ForgeRock attracts C-suite and pipeline with virtual events

Learn how ForgeRock managed to scale field marketing efforts and personalize direct mail with Sendoso.

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ForgeRock needed a sophisticated and unexpected way to virtually engage with C-level prospects at large enterprise companies.


Through Sendoso, ForgeRock was able to run unique, personalized campaigns at scale, increasing meetings-set rate and contributing to pipeline influence.


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Meetings-set rate following the Holiday Treat campaign


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We're all about creating opportunities that extend our time connecting with prospects and customers, and Sendoso helps us do that.

ForgeRock specializes in helping clients manage digital identities. The platform manages access for consumers and employees. ForgeRock centers its business around creating meaningful connections with customers. With Sendoso, ForgeRock was able to elevate that message and find success.

ForgeRock managers integrated Sendoso into their workflow after experiencing the perks firsthand.  

Senior Field Marketing Manager Hannah Sierra received Uber credits to meet with a Sendoso sales representative in person. She was instantly impressed with the seamless, out-of-the-box experience.

Three weeks later, the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Pivoting to virtual field marketing

Sierra immediately turned to Sendoso as her own company adjusted its field marketing strategy. She saw the platform as a key to continue growing personal relationships with prospects in a newly-virtual world.

ForgeRock primarily targets C-suite decision-makers at $1B+ companies. Sendoso’s gifting abilities helped the company stand out compellingly.

The automated gifting platform saves clients time and resources. Plus, ForgeRock can focus its B2B marketing efforts by choosing curated C-suite gifts or virtual experiences.

“In connecting with these high-level prospects, an only-digital approach is just not innovative enough,” said Sierra. “We needed something more sophisticated.”

Toasting to field marketing success

The field marketing team kicked off their first Sendoso campaign with a series of wine tastings. It’s one of the live event offerings from Sendoso’s virtual experiences catalog.

To elevate the online experience, the company partnered with In Good Taste.

Company leaders learned smaller, intimate events were more effective at driving better virtual engagement.

Sierra and her team curated 16 wine tastings designated by geographic region. That allowed prospects working remotely to attend the event that matched their time zone.

“Doing these events virtually enabled us to be flexible and nimble.”

The results of the campaign were clear. By utilizing Sendoso to create a unique experience, ForgeRock experienced huge success. The wine tasting campaign received an incredible 98% attendance rate. It also led to a record-breaking number of meetings set.

“Sendoso enables a seamless client experience, even if there are several of us from sales and marketing working together internally.”

Wine Tasting

Building ready-to-send direct mail campaigns

After experiencing incredible results, ForgeRock incorporated Sendoso into its account-based marketing (ABM) strategy too.  

“We’ve tried all sorts of new ideas to learn what works best,” said Sierra.

In a particularly memorable campaign, ForgeRock sent whole Thanksgiving turkeys to customers up for renewals.

“It’s really fantastic having these ready-to-send items through Sendoso Direct that do not require a six-week lead time to procure, negotiate and package,” added Sierra.

In another field marketing campaign, ForgeRock sent a bag of dog food to new pet owners.

Leaders say the thoughtful, mission-driven approach to gifting resonates with their prospects.

“We’re all about creating opportunities that extend our time connecting with prospects and customers. Sendoso helps us do that.”

Workers found using Sendoso can truly delight clients and help forge new relationships.

Automated gifting at scale

Customer Experience team members applauded Sendoso for helping create personalized experiences at scale.

Team members found success by including a personal message with each gift. Sendoso clients are able to add handwritten notes on branded stationery for that extra personalization. They found it gave their outreach efforts a more human touch, especially in regulated industries.

They also utilized seasonal gifting to create opportunities to reach out to clients. A particular favorite amongst ForgeRock’s clients was a spring-themed office essentials box. It was a high-quality gifting item by Teak & Twine.

Treats lead to customer experience triumph

In Q4 2020, ForgeRock launched its holiday “Meet and Treat” campaign.

The campaign centered on the idea of creating a multi-touch experience for prospects and customers.

“A virtual experience is more than a webinar. It’s varying digital and physical touchpoints to buyers,” explained Sierra.

Gingerbread Cookie

Virtual “Meet and Treat” participants were directed to a designed landing page after the event.  They could choose from a variety of holiday-inspired gifts for their participation.

Gifts were selected from Sendoso Direct and included:

  • Holiday Dozen by Georgetown Cupcakes
  • Hot Cocoa Kit by Teak & Twine
  • Holiday Old Fashioned Kit by Cocktail Courier
  • Lots of Little Holiday Goodies by Olive & Cocoa

“Sendoso’s Address Confirmation and delivery notifications drove a seamless experience for us,” said Sierra.  “It created a constant line of communication between ForgeRock and our customers and prospective customers.”

The holiday campaign yielded positive results. It contributed to the increase in pipeline and ultimately resulted in 65% of meetings booked.

The success resulted in ForgeRock teams across the company utilizing Sendoso.

“Our marketing and sales teams have a close relationship,” explained Sierra. “We can see a lot of opportunities for Sendoso to support their work.

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