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eGifts increase pipeline 20% and cut marketing workloads

How the HighRadius marketing team cut workloads in half by incentivizing meetings using Sendoso Choice.

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Catching and keeping the attention of Global 2000 companies throughout a lengthy sales cycle.


Unlocking new pipeline by using Sendoso Choice to build connections and land meetings.


Increase in conference meeting bookings


SDR team adoption

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I've loved the gift cards because we've gotten so many meetings from using Sendoso Choice. To us, each meeting is precious.

HighRadius provides autonomous software aimed at helping large companies streamline accounting. The Houston-based fintech company is a global market leader.

Their cloud-based, data-driven software is known internationally for saving customers time and money.

Now HighRadius’ marketing team is doing the same by leveraging Sendoso resources.

Account-based Marketing Analyst Erin Guerre knew her team’s biggest challenge was time. Her sales development reps struggled with long sales cycles due to the nature of their target market. HighRadius serves more than 200 Global 2000 companies.

However, reaching key decision-makers can be difficult. An SDR often needs up to 12 months and multiple meetings with CFOs and VPs to close these multimillion-dollar deals.

Breaking through the noise

Guerre needed a significant way to empower her SDRs to break through the noise. The HighRadius team turned to Sendoso. Guerre looked for opportunities to use the sending platform to stand out by incentivizing prospects to book and keep meetings.

She opted for Sendoso Choice which curates bundles of 2-4 eGifts options. Recipients can choose their favorite from the bundle.

HighRadius was suddenly doing more than standing out.

The SDRs were able to build stronger connections, improve meeting retention during extended sales cycles, and create new pipeline.

“Now you can set up way more of a relationship with a customer by using a blend of eGifts and direct sends with a few clicks of a mouse,” Guerre explained.

Saving time with direct mail

Utilizing corporate gifting cut Guerre’s marketing work time in half.

“All the vendors are already selected, which saves us precious time.”

Guerre allocated a budget for SDRs to send out eGifts to incentivize prospects. The SDRs strategically sent $15 gift cards for Starbucks, Nike, Uber, and Adidas. To garner additional attention, the attached message highlighted that each retailer was a HighRadius customer too.

“I’ve loved the gift cards because we’ve gotten so many meetings from using Sendoso Choice.”

Guerre estimated that sending gift cards unlocked more than 50 meetings in their first year.

“To us, each meeting is precious.”

The ROI resulted in a 100% adoption rate amongst the sales development team. According to Guerre, the HighRadius team loves the ability to target all leads with high-quality direct mail thanks to Sendoso.

“20% of our meetings came from direct mail last year. Leadership has general buy-in due to the historical success we’ve seen.”

New order of operations

The marketing changes didn’t stop there for HighRadius.

The move to Sendoso Choice has reversed the order of operations for HighRadius. Previously, the marketing team sent out direct mail. Those leads were then passed to the sales team.

Now sales is equipped with the tools to make meaningful connections on their own.

Guerre believes their new business model flows much smoother.

“Going from one gift for the entire year to now running over a dozen campaigns at any given moment, is a massive difference.”

Expanding to field marketing

The direct mail marketing campaigns have created an environment of long-term opportunities for HighRadius. Guerre said the change enables their SDR teams to accurately plan their quotas for the next quarter.

It’s a move expanding to their fielding marketing too.

HighRadius’ field marketing team even found success integrating unique sends like cocktail kits to secure meetings during conferences. The move resulted in a 366% increase in meetings at one conference.

The stellar results mean one thing for HighRadius. They’re all relying on the power of sending to build fresh pipelines.

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Learn how to unlock new pipelines by using Sendoso Choice to build connections and secure meetings.

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