Reducing Manual Work by 80%

How Lacework leveraged Sendoso to eliminate manual work and increase campaign scale.

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Lacework needed a Sending Platform to streamline processes and improve efficiencies in their direct mail campaigns.


Partnering with Sendoso enables the Lacework team to scale creative direct mail campaigns that help them stand out from the rest of the marketing noise.


reduction in time spent


increase in scale

Lacework provides cloud security and compliance across multi-cloud environments, workloads, containers and Kubernetes, enabling companies to innovate with speed and safety.

Santa Clara, CA
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150 employees
Cloud Security

Gaining demand generation traction with direct mail

Lacework delivers cloud security and compliance, helping to protect companies that run their infrastructure in a cloud environment or are transitioning to the cloud.

Amy Vosters, Sr. Marketing Campaign Manager, joined Lacework while the company was still in stealth mode, tasked with building their digital presence ahead of the initial product launch. Since then, Lacework has grown to about 150 employees and Amy’s responsibilities now include the ownership of ABM programs and initiatives, including digital marketing, and campaign management.

Prior to implementing Sendoso, Lacework launched direct mail campaigns with the goal of driving demand, but it ended up taking over much of Amy’s time. “Before Sendoso, I had to design the cards, print and have them shipped to the office, stuff envelopes, print labels, and then do the Amazon fulfillment — all manually,” explained Amy.

Initially, the Lacework team used Sendoso as a “door-opener,” enabling SDRs to send $5 coffee eGift cards to help secure meetings, or larger gift cards with the message “Have lunch on us.”

Once they started to see traction, the marketing team created a campaign targeting the top cloud innovators featured in Forbes The Cloud 100 list. They used Sendoso to send a champagne bottle and handwritten note to nearly every honoree:

I saw you were named on The Cloud 100 list by Forbes. Congratulations, that’s a great accomplishment! Did you know that Lacework provides cloud security solutions to many of the organizations on this list? Let’s ensure you’re on the list again next year, we’d love to chat.

Rising above the noise

In order to highlight Lacework’s high-fidelity cloud security alerts, Amy launched a “Block the Noise” campaign. Amy sent a glossy postcard featuring quippy “block the noise” messaging, compelling stats and value props, along with a CTA to schedule a meeting via a shortened URL in exchange for the high-value item of noise-canceling headphones to mirror the initial messaging.

The campaign gave sales reps a reason to follow up and ask whether a prospect preferred Bose Q35 headphones or Apple AirPods Pro. Sales reps then used Sendoso’s Amazon integration to fulfill the headphones immediately.

In exchange for your time, we’ll help you block out your own noise with noise-cancelling headphones.

The Block the Noise campaign became a leading direct mail pipeline driver for the company. In fact, the marketing and sales teams ran it three more times. Amy also estimated that implementing Sendoso cut the time spent on direct mail by 80% and enabled her to scale batch sends by at least 4X.

Shifting to virtual events

Once Covid hit, the team leveraged Sendoso to help drive registrations for virtual events. They launched “Lunchinars” (lunch + webinar) to replace their in-person Lunch and Learn sales meetings. As an incentive to register, Lacework used Sendoso Choice to enable attendees to redeem an Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub or charity donation of their choice. Thanks to this incentive, the team saw a registration to attendance rate of over 50%. And for larger-scale Lunchinars, Amy was able to upload a CSV of all attendees into Sendoso, then do bulk fulfillment that she could track all in one place, rather than having to log into Amazon and track each send individually.

Making an impact on efficiency

Lacework also used Sendoso Choice for targeted outbound campaigns. For example, Amy launched numerous hyper-targeted incentive-based campaigns, highlighting the benefits of Lacework, saying “We’re so confident in our solution that we’d love to schedule a 30-minute call to show you why.” As a thank you for your time, SDRs sent prospects a $200 Amazon gift card through Sendoso.

This process is a major improvement to the team’s previously manual processes. Prior to Sendoso, multiple times per day, SDRs would ping Amy once a meeting was over, then she’d have to go to Amazon, use the company credit card, and send a one-off gift card — in addition to juggling her other daily responsibilities.

“Rather than a disjointed process where fulfillment was outsourced to marketing, Sendoso made the gift card follow-up immediate, cohesive, and with very little room for error,” said Amy. “Closing the time between meeting completion and receiving the gift also helps create a positive association of Lacework for the prospect.”

The creativity of Lacework’s direct mail campaigns, in addition to a frictionless gifting experience, has paid off. In fact, about 21% of Lacework’s closed-won deals in 2020 have included a Sendoso touch.

And that means Amy’s job has gotten a little bit easier, too. When asked how many hours Sendoso has saved her, Amy joked, “Too many to count!”

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