Cocktail kits stir up Award Winning ROI for B2B marketing team.

How LexisNexis marketers mixed a winning direct mail campaign to target law firms and drive pipeline.

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The marketing team at LexisNexis was looking for new ways to expand pipeline generation besides traditional eGifts and one-off Amazon sends.


The team used Sendoso to create an account-based marketing campaign that curated, scaled, and tracked gifts targeting legal firms.


The ABM campaign exceeded expectations, leading LexisNexis to expand their marketing strategy nationally.

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Drum roll, please! Rob Willingham, Senior Manager of Strategic Marketing at LexisNexis has won the 2022 Chief Marketer Pro Award for the Best Direct Mail Campaign for his marketing campaign designed around the legal literary classic, To Kill a Mockingbird. The marketing team spun it into a pun-filled package by creating a Tequila Mockingbird gift set powered by Sendoso.

LexisNexis had used gifting before, but not in a cohesive strategy that was scalable at a national level. So he started small with an out-of-the-box idea that would soon get the attention of prospects, leaders inside the organization, and judges!


In this case, the goal was to work with marketing and sales on execution in order to drive pipeline. Complicating matters, an importance was placed on state-specific content and intentional follow-ups, which meant efforts needed to be meticulously coordinated nationwide across all 45 sales reps. The solution?

The team partnered with Sendoso to create an account-based marketing strategy that curated, scaled, and tracked gifts targeting legal firms. These efforts paid off in a big way for their return on investment (ROI)

Each package included a cocktail recipe book called Tequila Mockingbird, a whiskey glass, a bar spoon, and an insert comparing LexisNexis to their competition which featured both info and recent accolades. Of course, the package was completed with a handwritten personal message that began with the phrase, “Let’s Stir Things Up!”


For Rob Willingham, success was about taking informed risks, knowing your customer profile, and strategic forecasting.

“If you know your conversion rates, average order value, and win rates, you can forecast what a campaign should return on your investment,” says Rob.

For Rob’s campaign, his data-driven forecasting paid off with an 1100% ROI!

“Direct mail has been around for a while, but in a digital age where the only real mail most people get are bank statements and bills, Sendoso helped break through the noise by delivering a personalized approach with a relevant message that could be executed at scale.”

Congratulations Rob! We sincerely value your partnership and are thrilled with the success of this uniquely creative campaign.

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