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How Sendoso enables MX to scale direct mail and gifting initiatives and accelerate pipeline velocity.

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Eliminating the manual direct mail and gift processes that stalled pipeline momentum and prevented program scale.


Sendoso has given MX a new, unique channel to engage with buyers, increase deal progression, and re-engage accounts that have gone cold.


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opportunities accelerated from pre-pipeline to qualified deals


stagnant deals brought back to life

MX is a leading digital transformation platform for banks, credit unions, and fintechs.

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“The only thing we were missing before Sendoso was a tool like Sendoso to help us scale.”

As a hyper-growth financial company, MX doubles its quotas quarter over quarter, “so that means we’re continuously rewriting our marketing playbook,” says Bryce Nobles, growth leader at MX. Bryce and his team were eager to innovate buyer experiences at every touchpoint throughout the funnel. But in an overly saturated digital space, they knew they needed to build personalized, unique experiences to create authentic relationships and keep deals moving forward: sending direct mail and gifts.

Before Sendoso, Bryce’s team manually sourced, stored, and shipped high-value direct mail to named enterprise accounts at banks and financial institutions. The campaign generated positive results, but Bryce knew doubling program results every quarter would be impossible, as executing the program in-house was an inefficient use of employee time and yielded high logistical costs.

“A fast, unique tool to get us where we needed to go.”

In March 2020, with a new quarter approaching, the MX team drew up a new game plan and decided to bring on Sendoso to scale their sending programs. Within two hours, Bryce says, “Our Sendoso onboarding strategist got us up and running. Thirty minutes later, we had already received value.”

Shortly after implementing Sendoso, social distancing measures were put into place. Conversations and deals that had momentum prior to COVID-19 began to stall or even go dark completely.

Bryce asked us, “when you can’t meet with prospects and buyers in person at conferences, what’s the next best thing?” His response: “having that ‘experience moment.’ And that’s what MX put into motion.

As a hyper-growth company not only are we trying to hit our metrics, but we’re also trying to exceed them.

Engaging deal champions and buying committees

The cultural pillars at MX not only extend to employees, but also prospects, customers, partners, and competitors. Now more than ever, they are keeping their cultural pillar, “cognizance,” at the forefront of every decision they make—leading with empathy, respect, and understanding to put themselves in the shoes of their prospects. As banks and financial institutions were navigating an influx of customer communications and putting forth pandemic response initiatives, many of MX’s deals stood stagnant in the pipeline.

Sendoso opened up an additional channel for us to make a great touchpoint to increase engagement, book sales meetings, and optimize every touchpoint of the buyer’s journey.

Bryce and his team built a COVID-19 cognizant campaign to target deal champions and buyers at stalled accounts with the goal of accelerating sales conversations. To engage those buyers the team utilized Sendoso Choice, enabling prospects to choose between a Charity Choice or Grubhub eGift and apply funds to a charitable organization or a local restaurant of their choosing.

By employing Sendoso Choice, MX achieved an 80% open rate with deal champions and a 34% open rate with other stakeholders in the buying committee. Integrations between Salesforce and Sendoso enabled their sales team to get real-time delivery notifications and send timely follow-ups.

Bringing in-person event experiences home

Prior to COVID-19, the majority of MX’s pipeline came from attending and participating in big third-party in-person events and conferences, so they were highly disrupted once in-person events were no longer possible.

Although their customers and prospects were now working from home, MX still needed a way to recreate those fun in-person event experiences. After early successes creating top-notch customer and prospect experiences at the start of the pandemic, they iterated on ways to make their virtual events more human–ultimately delivering a unique and engaging one-to-one send to c-level prospects.

MX used Sendoso to curate a “Booth-in-a-Box” send, which included a video featuring Steven Dubner, head engineer at MX, a beer stein, and one-pager inviting recipients to a “beer with MX’s head engineer!”

The team used the Booth-in-a-Box bundle for three main use cases: promotion of the MX user summit, as a follow-up to high-value prospects that missed the event, and third-party event follow-up. “The great thing about this type of send is that we were able to use it for post-event follow up, prospecting, and were even able to use it to hijack other events,” said Bryce.

The results said it all. This one play was robust enough to move 70% of accounts that received it to a qualified opportunity stage, resulting in a record-setting quarter for the MX team.

Millions in pipeline won back

Now more than ever, the ability to progress deals is of the utmost importance. Within a week of using Sendoso, MX accelerated $1.2M of stagnant accounts from pre-pipeline opportunities to qualified deals. To date, the cognizance campaign, which cost only $2,000, has brought $4M in dark deals back to life.

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