eGifts help deliver $2M in Procore digital marketing wins

12 direct mail campaigns in six months with Sendoso total seven figures and save marketers time.

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Procore was challenged to establish efficient sales campaigns to support a quickly expanding company.


By leveraging Sendoso for multiple sales campaigns, Procore was able to book meetings and generate meaningful pipeline.


in sales pipeline


Increase in closed deals


Increase in demo show rate

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Sendoso has grown with us, working closely to add integrations, build out specific campaigns based on our call to action, and create goals tied to the campaign, ensuring we are getting the most return on investment.

Procore is a leading technology provider of cloud-based applications for construction. It is quickly expanding across the construction management field. However, rapid growth brings growing pains, especially in account-based marketing.

Leaders were in search of a way to scale their B2B marketing efforts for a niche market. Procore targets specific personas. The company caters to a unique audience of construction and project managers.

The company needed a stable and reliable platform capable of supporting its quick expansion in the market.

Sendoso was the answer. The automated corporate gifting platform was able to improve efficiency, support Procore’s internal sales team, and attract attention from top prospects.

Building account-based marketing confidence

Sales leaders used Sendoso to incorporate corporate gifts into their account-based marketing strategy in a few easy steps.

1. They could easily identify key prospects by using the Salesforce integration. It makes it easy to track outreach, ROI, and the success of campaigns.

2. Sales executives then browsed the unique gifting options in the Sendoso Direct catalog. It is chock-full of high-quality gifting options.

3. The Procore team created custom marketing campaigns to target different prospects. They selected several specialty gifts related to their specific audience.

Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature also ensured that the packages reached the right person. The feature alerts sales executives that the gift was received, opening the door for a touchpoint.

Plus, they put a personal touch on campaigns! Procore could add a handwritten note, making each feel more authentic. To save time and money, the notes can also be automated by Sendoso.

Handwritten note

Scoring sales touchdowns

Footballs helped Procore score one of their biggest outreach wins.

The team sent footballs with custom packaging tape to prospects through Sendoso. Each gift included a handwritten note kicking off the start of football season. Done correctly, direct mail is a way to help sales and marketing teams connect with their target audience while building a professional rapport.

Procore’s success using footballs to build these connections led to other meaningful marketing campaigns.

  • Paper Shredding Campaign: Procore sent paper shredders to clients. In the package, they included an infographic poster highlighting the need to digitize their documents.
  • Canada Software Launch: Procore highlighted the popularity of hockey among its Canadian audience. The sales team sent branded beanies and hockey pucks to celebrate the launch of new software in Canada.
  • Lunch and Learn eGift Campaign: Procore used Sendoso’s eGift option to encourage meetings with the sales team. It was a success! The team sent coffee eGift cards to prospects so they could enjoy their favorite cup of joe during a demo presentation.

Corporate gifting produces Q4 results

Procore has experienced incredible results after teaming up with Sendoso.

eGift Card

“Sendoso has been the biggest success our marketing team added in 2017,” said Procore Senior Channel Marketing Specialist Jerry Henry. “The ability to send coffee and lunch gift cards to prospects directly from Salesforce has improved our presentation show rate and has decreased our sales cycle.”

In Q4 alone, the Procore team delivered more than 1,000 gift cards to potential clients by using Sendoso’s eGift feature. The big spend produced a big return on investment.

  • 16% increase in demo show rate
  • $1.2 million+ in pipeline
  • 20% higher chance of a quicker close rate in accounted tied to direct mail campaigns

In total, Procore carried out one dozen direct mail campaigns in a six-month period. It secured more than $2 million in its sales pipeline.

The company has found success in using quality gifting to spark client interest. Plus, Sendoso’s ease of use has taken the burden off workers to craft campaigns from scratch.

Now, Sendoso’s analytic capabilities make it easy for Procore to plan future campaigns with predictable results.

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