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Sendoso delivers ringDNA wins with personalized touchpoints

How ringDNA grew revenue across multiple teams by creating a new marketing strategy. See how automated direct mail is changing B2B outreach.

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ringDNA needed a solution to support a sales team that has tripled in size with aggressive new revenue goals.


ringDNA successfully utilized Sendoso for multiple touchpoints including incentivizing discovery calls, meeting, and accelerating pipeline.


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Sendoso enables us to adjust our campaign strategy to influence whichever campaign is most important to the sales team at the moment.

ringDNA helps sales development representatives sell like experts. The AI sales enablement platform is an industry leader so managers looked for a topnotch sales tool to reach bigger revenue goals.

Cue Sendoso’s automated Sending Platform™.

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“When your SDR and sales teams are selling to sales leaders, they always have to be on top of their game,” said Scott Logan, head of demand generation at ringDNA.

Logan wasn’t new to sending B2B direct mail or corporate gifting before he brought on Sendoso. His role was to stay focused on creating leads for his sales team, enabling them with strategies, and winning against the competition. It meant bringing on a seamless and robust sending platform to take the manual logistics out of the equation.

And there was urgency: ringDNA’s sales staff had recently tripled. Plus, they were aiming for much more aggressive revenue goals.

Creating tailored direct mail touchpoints

A key part of establishing a dialogue with prospects and building engagement is timing and strategic touches. ringDNA launched Sendoso to build SDR and AE sales playbooks to grow their opportunity creation.

Looking at their strategic marketing goals, Logan’s team deployed Sendoso early and often. Reps consistently utilized gifting after targeting a qualified lead with discovery call and making a Linkedin connection.

For SDRs, they turned to Sendoso’s network of eGift options or personalized gifts to seal crucial interactions with decision-makers. Gifting and outreach sequences were tailored to potential customers depending on their level of marketing engagement. Flexibility and simple customization options made Sendoso a winner.

“Sendoso enables us to adjust our campaign strategy to influence whichever campaign is most important to the sales team at that moment.”

Sendoso was building its way into influencing all the major touchpoints and sales opportunities for ringDNA.

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Personalized gifting strategies for decision-makers

Under Logan’s leadership, the sales team at ringDNA was encouraged to send lead nurturing gifts. They’d trigger a send anytime they needed to keep conversations with stakeholders moving.

For example, one SDR saw a lead come in from a decision-maker at a high-value account. The rep dove into the contact’s LinkedIn profile and made a strategic, personalized plan.

Using the Sendoso Amazon integration, the contact was gifted a mug featuring their favorite college sports team, as well as a personalized note. The effect was almost immediate. The prospect replied, booked a meeting, and brought two other stakeholders into the conversation.

All three decision-makers received their own mugs before the first meeting. It generated a bit of buzz and set everyone up for a little jeering ahead of the demo.

“They already came in warm and fuzzy,” recalled Logan. “When we went into that call, we were able to start with some fun banter that was more personal than professional.”

Increasing sales wins

Sendoso allowed ringDNA to nurture and layer engagement at all the critical sales touchpoints. It dynamically integrated into the team’s workflow, delivering a tailored experience for each account.

“[It’s] taken the hardest part of that sales rep job, remembering all those varying touchpoints to execute, and done it for them,” said Logan.

Now, Sendoso impacts the majority of ringDNA sales-generated opportunities. It’s also the top influencer for sales-generated pipeline. Again and again, Sendoso’s platform encouraged and solidified a quality discussion about ringDNA as a solution for their clients.

“[It’s] not just sending to send, but to make a real connection.”

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