Driving Nearly $3M in Influenced Revenue

How Tipalti leveraged Sendoso and 6sense to create a successful ABM strategy.

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Automating and scaling direct mail touchpoints and adding personalization to ABM outreach initiatives.


By integrating Sendoso with 6sense, Tipalti was able to target high-intent prospects with hyper-personalized door-openers to drive marketing-sourced opportunities and revenue.

Nearly $3M

influenced revenue

Tipalti is the only end-to-end accounts payable software to automate the entire supplier payments operation.

San Mateo, CA
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Personalizing touchpoints with target decision-makers

As an account-based marketer, Peter Tarrant is focused on enabling his sales team to engage finance decision-makers at their target accounts in personalized and effective ways. Before partnering with Sendoso, Tipalti used sending as part of their ABM program and had implemented another technology solution in order to automate and scale their approach. But that solution took too long to ship a project and didn’t offer enough of an ability to personalize what was being sent.

Additionally, Peter wanted his sales reps to be able to send items themselves for a more one-to-one approach, instead of relying on marketing to execute large-scale campaigns. “We needed to have each SDR engage their prospect accounts with personalized outreach in order to turn them into opportunities,” explained Peter.

But to get to that stage, Peter first needed the marketing and sales teams to align on how to define a top account — and then determine how SDRs would book opportunities with those accounts.

We needed to have each SDR engage their accounts with personalized outreach and the right messaging at the right time.

Using 6sense + Sendoso together

Peter first works with the sales team to develop core account criteria. Rather than manually choosing target opportunities, Tipalti now has a robust ABM strategy with a full tech stack, including 6sense, which identifies top accounts based on intent signals like web activity and buying phase.

Twice a quarter, Peter now pulls a list of 100 highly-engaged, warm accounts to create a 1-to-few campaign. The sales team then leverages Sendoso to create personalized touchpoints with accounts that have gone dark or high-fit accounts that haven’t been responsive to phone calls, emails, or LinkedIn messages. Every message is eye-catching and relevant to each prospect, and 6sense analytics enable them to identify the optimal time to conduct the outreach.

“Giving our sales team the autonomy to send personalized gifts to the right person at the right time has led to the most effective door-openers and opportunity accelerators,” said Peter.

A well-oiled account-based strategy

Rather than one-off direct mail campaigns, today Tipalti’s ABM strategy is a well-oiled machine. Every SDR has access to Sendoso and can choose from five send options aimed at securing meetings with hard-to-reach prospects. Items range from eGifts to succulents to one-to-one Amazon gifts. Peter’s favorite Sendoso send is the ‘Do It Yourself’ donut kits, which SDRs send with the message:

Do-nut miss out on this offer! I am reaching out to sweeten your day with this box of ‘do it yourself’ donuts. I’d love to connect and share best practices around how we have helped similar organizations automate their entire end to end AP process. Please donut say no to me 🙂

Sales reps use Sendoso’s Amazon integration for one-to-one personalized campaigns, sending items off of Amazon related to their prospects’ interests. Rahul Shah, a sales rep at Tipalti, said: “Sendoso’s Amazon integration allows us to send items that align with our prospect’s interests. I’ve gotten some pretty awesome responses from customers who appreciate the thoughtful gesture, like this one, ‘Thanks for the candle, it was nice to get something from Santa Barbara. What a thoughtful gift!’”

Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature helps the sales team ensure their thoughtful, personalized gifts didn’t end up at the wrong location. “When people started working from home, I got nervous about how we were going to reach our targets,” admits Peter. “But using Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature ensures that we can take that introductory step regardless. It’s my not-so-secret weapon.”

Nearly $3M in influenced revenue

By leveraging Sendoso and 6sense together, Tipalti has influenced nearly $3 million in closed-won revenue to date.

“Marketing needs to get outside the existing flows that are set up and take a more flexible and adaptable approach,” said Peter. “Having the flexibility that enables SDRs to really take ownership over sending has really made the ABM program what it is today.”

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Nearly $3M

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