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Automate personalized connections across your campaigns to drive revenue.
Our AI-Enhanced Gifting Automation Platform is data-backed by hundreds of thousands of users and tens of millions of gifts sent.

Sendoso x Alyce

We’ve joined forces to create the largest, most advanced gifting solution you'll ever need.

Trusted by the best.

You can trust us, too.

High customer satisfaction and dominating market presence define a leader. We’ve achieved both.

<60 sec average Support chat response time

<2-day average shipping times

5X ROI guarantee

Marketplace price match

Secure address confirmation

Real-time delivery and status tracking

100k+ senders

Largest gifting dataset based on 10 million sends

How Gong generated 400+ new opportunities

“In today’s climate, it’s not what you sell, it's how you sell it. When thinking about door-opening campaigns, we like to differentiate Gong in a crowded market. And Sendoso allows us to cut through all of the SaaS noise.”
Russell Branzon, VP of Marketing at Gong

Russell Branzon

VP of Marketing, Gong

Here’s why our customers choose us.

Full-stack reporting

We plug right into your GTM stack to track the impact of campaigns across your funnel. Validate your success internally with real-time data.

AI-enhanced personalization

Not sure what to send? Our unique smart sending capabilities will suggest the most personalized, thoughtful and timely ways to connect.

We own the warehouse

We don’t farm out to 3rd parties. From guaranteed delivery to creative customization, you can depend on our team to execute whatever you need with care.

Automated execution

80% of customers use our 90+ native integrations to boost the success of their existing campaigns with automated gifting that works behind the scenes.

We’re proof that AI can enhance human connection without eroding meaning.