March 20, 2024

15 Amazing Shoutouts We Received from Successful Direct Mail Campaigns in 2024


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Anyone who is familiar with Sendoso knows that successful direct mail campaigns are our bread and butter.

We believe meaningful engagements should be creative, personalized, fun, and even delicious—regardless of whether they’re part of a large-scale campaign or one-to-one outreach.

Sendoso helps people intelligently engage everyone who’s important to their business with automated personalized gifts, handwritten notes, perishables, custom dimensional mailers, enjoyable swag, and anything else you ever want to send.

Sendoso’s own team members use the platform to execute successful direct mail campaigns across marketing, sales, and customer success. And people love what we send; so much so that they’ll give us an unprompted shoutout on social media.

When someone gets a package they love and posts about it, the post receives 6x the engagement of a brand-generated post. That’s the Sendoso effect: word-of-mouth marketing at its finest. By combining the act of making personalized connections with the technology and logistics of real-world engagements, Sendoso helps companies engineer brand love.

Most importantly, we couldn’t be more grateful for all the love. So we wanted to thank the people who gave us shoutouts in 2018 by showcasing a few in this delightfully short post.

We ❤️ These Shoutouts from Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

Thanks @sendosohq for the cute holiday gift. Very creative. @sruthikkumar

— Jessica (@JFayeSF) December 3, 2018

Ok, we admit it: The last post was when our team at HQ sent some amazing mini-cupcakes to the Sendoso team at our Arizona office. But it still demonstrates the power of sending through Sendoso.

We wanted to feature everyone who posted publicly after one of our successful direct mail campaigns, but the list would quickly get out of had! So, from the bottom of our hearts, we wanted to thank everyone who gave us a shoutout this year. Get ready for some more awesome engagements in 2019.

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