October 2, 2018

3 Direct Mail Campaigns for Customer Onboarding

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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In the first few weeks after purchasing your product, customers need to understand both how to use the platform and experience the value it offers.

Ever downloaded an app that you never used and later deleted? That’s what happens when your customers don’t engage with your product. They churn.

Engaged customers, on the other hand, become advocates. They renew, and increasing retention rates by only 5% can increase your profits by 25-95%. Not to mention that engaged advocates can be an excellent source of word-of-mouth marketing for your brand.

Most importantly? Engaged customers are a result of successful onboarding experiences.

“Since onboarding is the first touchpoint to a brand after the deal is closed, it’s so crucial that you create a positive customer experience from the get-go,” UberFlip Customer Marketing Specialist Alana Merdzan recently shared with us.

Alana talked about direct mail campaigns and customer onboarding with us at Advocamp 2018. Click here to check out the recording of the session, Customer Advocacy Starts with Onboarding, and learn about aligning your onboarding and advocacy programs.

Ahead of the session, we wanted to share some creative direct mail campaigns you can use during onboarding to keep your customers engaged.

3 Direct Mail Campaigns for Engaged Onboarding Experiences

Direct Mail Campaign for Week 1: Welcome Kit with Company Swag

What better way to kick off a customer relationship than by sending a welcome gift directly to their desk? Get people excited about being a part of your customer family! Simply put together some of your best swag items in a box and send it over in the first week your customers use the platform. This reminds them to actually test out your product and builds excitement around your brand.

Don’t hesitate to get creative here! Many of our customers utilize custom boxes and branded tape, then store the items in our warehouses across the globe. So they can easily send over a welcome kit to new customers with just a few clicks of a button, instead of a few hours every day). This can be a great way to kick off the onboarding process or introduce that customer to their success rep.

Direct Mail Campaign for Weeks 2-4: $10 Coffee eGift to Get Ramped Up

Once you’ve sent over your welcome kit, give your customers a little space. Don’t overwhelm them with emails, invites, tutorials or notifications. Let them breathe and get familiar with your product. Then, send over a $5 or $10 coffee eGift a few weeks after implementation. Include a note that says you wanted to give them a little extra boost or help them get ramped up with the product.

Ok, so this isn’t exactly direct mail in the traditional sense. But it is a great, nonintrusive way to stay on your customers’ radar. With some direct mail and gifting platforms, you can even let the recipient choose which coffee chain they use it at.

Direct Mail Campaign for Weeks 4-8: Bottle of Wine or Sweet Treat (with Handwritten Note)

Let your customers know that you truly care about their success with your company by sending something special to celebrate your first “monthiversary” together. Whether it’s a bottle of bourbon, their favorite sparkling wine or assorted cupcakes, this surprise treat will surely brighten their day and strengthen the relationship with your company. Include a personalized, handwritten note for an extra special touch.

Sending perishable items can be tricky, but Sendoso Direct allows you to easily place custom orders and have them shipped directly to your recipient. We also have a dedicated warehouse staff member who crafts handwritten notes. These are just a few examples of how companies use direct mail to engage customers throughout the onboarding process.

Any noteworthy direct mail campaigns you’ve experienced during onboarding? Share your story with us on Twitter at @sendosohq! Don’t forget to  grab a complimentary copy of our eBook, “Mastering the Art of Direct Mail and Gifting” below.


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