May 17, 2024

5 Direct Mail Campaigns You Can Automate With Marketo & HubSpot

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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In the past, direct mail campaigns were difficult to scale because they can’t be automated like an email or a tweet.

But Sendoso is changing that. Our Sending Platform’s integrations with Marketo, HubSpot, and other marketing automation platforms make it possible to automate and measure ROI for any direct mail or digital gifts marketers want to include in their campaigns.

This means you can send anything (and we mean anything: direct mail, corporate gifts, handwritten notes, wine, sweet treats, eGifts, plants, corporate swag, and more) based on criteria in your contact records.

The possibilities are endless, but where should you start? Here are five direct mail campaign ideas that you can automate with Sendoso.

Automate These Direct Mail Campaigns with Sendoso + Marketo or HubSpot

Direct Mail Campaign Idea #1: When someone downloads content, automatically send $5 Coffee eGift Card.

This is a great opportunity to enhance what could potentially be a buyer’s first interaction with your company. Use filters and triggers to send anthe eGift to qualified leads who download your content. Include a short message that both thanks them for downloading and says you wanted to send something they could sip on while reading or watching.

Direct Mail Campaign Idea #2: Automatically send handwritten notes to anyone who attended your event or visited your booth at a trade show.

Say goodbye to generic post-event emails and thank your visitors for giving you their time with a thoughtful, handwritten note. Sendoso has a dedicated team of people that physically hand write every note. Simply create an automated campaign that sends out handwritten notes to everyone on your attendee list.

Direct Mail Campaign Idea #3: Mail a printed case study as an automated step in nurture campaigns.

Get on your audience’s desks—and not just their inboxes—by adding a direct mail step to your marketing or sales nurture campaigns. Print out copies of a printed case study, data sheet, or other one-pager and store them at a Sendoso warehouse for free. Then add them as a step in your Marketo or HubSpot campaigns.

Direct Mail Campaign Idea #4: Create a trigger that sends your prospects a desk succulent when they reach a certain stage of your sales cycle.

Whether or not you’re using an account-based marketing strategy, direct mail campaigns can be effective at all stages of the revenue cycle. Set up a contact property workflow that automatically sends a nice succulent to prospects or accounts once their opportunity reaches a certain stage of the sales cycle (like “evaluating” or “proposal” stage). Add a message about how you’re looking forward to generating growth for them.

Direct Mail Campaign Idea #5: If an opportunity close date is within 21 days, send a bottle of wine to the decision-maker.

Opportunities that are further down the funnel are more valuable to you, so you should put more investment in the direct mail campaign. Push deals with your most important prospects across the finish line by sending a bottle of wine during the final stages of the sale. Use contact criteria to make sure you’re sending it to the decision-maker and that you’re sending it a few days or weeks (depending on your sales cycle) before you expect the deal to close.

Now that you’ve got some ideas, here’s how to set up the integrations: Marketo users simply have to set up a new service, webhook, and custom field in Marketo for Sendoso. Learn more about setting up the Marketo integration here.

Sync your HubSpot account within the Sendoso platform and start creating workflows that can trigger physical and eGift sends from HubSpot. When creating a workflow, you will copy the generated webhook in Sendoso and paste in into HubSpot’s workflow setup. Check out our HubSpot integration guide here for more information.

Get inspired for your next amazing direct mail campaign with our idea eBook! Grab a copy below with 100+ ideas for what to send.


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