February 23, 2024

7 Direct Mail Ideas for National Dog Day [Video]

Grace Dille
Grace Dille

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In honor of National Dog Day, we made a special video and created unique direct mail items to celebrate our favorite dogs!

Direct mail isn’t just for humans⁠—our dogs appreciate getting gifts too! And when our four-legged friends are happy, we’re happy too.Dogs do a lot for us, whether they’re bringing us comfort and love, being a well-behaved office dog, helping their blind or disabled companion, fighting crime with their law enforcement partner, or just bringing a smile to our face.We’re not sure what we did to deserve dogs, but they deserve extra love and attention this National Dog Day.In honor of this holiday on August 26, we want to treat our loyal pups to some goodies of their own. We’ve put together a few direct mail ideas that every dog lover (and dog!) will appreciate.

7 Direct Mail Ideas to Treat Your Dog this National Dog Day

1. Branded Dog Bandana or T-shirt: Your dog will look extra stylish in some clothing this National Dog Day. Check out our branded bandanas and t-shirts that we’re dressing our dogs in this August 26th (and probably all year round). How cute are they!

2. Pooch Selfie: We get it: it’s hard to get your dog to pose for a selfie with you. You just want to show off your cute dog to the world, but getting them to sit still for a photo is impossible. The Pooch Selfie solves this problem! With a tennis ball mount on top of your phone, your dog is sure to be smiling at the camera now.

3. Branded Bottle Opener Dog Leash: This is a direct mail idea that both the dog and owner can enjoy. You’ll be able to crack open a beer when you’re chilling at the park with your dog! And your leash can show off your brand to the world during every walk. We’re going to bet that your dog will be going on more walks now.

4. Branded Travel Bowl: For the dog on the go. All the dogs at the dog park will be wanting to share water from their travel bowl. And their owners will be wondering what awesome company decided to brand a travel water bowl for their best friend.

5. Zookies Cookies: Zookies Cookies are treats that you can easily make for your pup by just adding water to the mix! You can cut them out with the included dog bone cookie cutter and then bake them to perfection. Treat your dog to a freshly baked cookie made with seven all-natural ingredients like peanut butter, whole grain oats, and apple. Your dog is sure to go crazy over these tasty treats!

6. Branded Dog Toys: You can brand items like a tennis ball sling, plush toy, frisbee, or another fun toy. Your brand can be displayed on your dog’s new favorite toy and will always be top of mind during playtime.

7. Branded Blanket: Put your brand on a blanket for your dog to cuddle up in. This is sure to be a cozy bed topper or simply a comfy spot to lay on. Your dog will start to dream about your brand in no time.

We’re paw-sitive that these direct mail ideas will be loved by dogs and dog owners alike. So splurge a little on your pup this National Dog Day—they deserve some extra love.Want to get one of our Sendoso items for your dog? Check out our “wag” store to get one of these cute direct mail pieces for your pup on this special holiday.

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