April 21, 2021

Create More Human Connections with Sendoso Experiences

Meira McFarquhar
Meira McFarquhar

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Content Marketing Manager Meira McFarquhar.

How many Zoom meetings and webinars have you participated in throughout the last month? What about the last year? Can you count them off the top of your head?

We can’t either.

And even if you are able to count that high, whether they were personal or professional, that’s still probably a lot of virtual conversations.

So how do sales, marketing, and CX teams connect with these virtual buyers (wherever they may be) in a future of Zoom invites, webinar links, and email chains?

Well, think back to those virtual moments that you can remember off the top of your head. Was it a “happy hour” with old colleagues? A family game night? Chances are, the ones that stand out left you feeling inspired, challenged, engaged — and connected.

The same rings true in business.

91% of revenue leaders agreed that building a personal or human connection became more important to closing sales since March 2020, and 88% said their engagement strategy has taken a more human-to-human (H2H) approach in that same time frame.

We’ve officially entered the H2H era. Buyers need more than just a polished B2B brand experience, and research shows they’ll only do business with the brands they feel most connected to.

The winning brands are edging out their competitors by interacting the more human way, disrupting inboxes, and maximizing ROI through Sendoso Experiences.

What are Sendoso Experiences?

Sendoso Experiences are hosted, in real-time virtual events that can be sent by go-to-market teams to help build human relationships, accelerate deals, re-engage stalled opportunities, boost event attendance, ‘wow’ customers, and oh-so much more.

Host virtual cooking or fitness classes, tastings, tours, shows and more to get and keep your buyers’ attention throughout each stage of the customer journey. Whether you’re delivering experiences to a team of 10 or a team of 500, the world is at your fingertips.

Plus, no two virtual experiences will ever be the same, so you can send a variety of experiences over and over again to different (or the same) customers and teams, and create totally one-of-a-kind memories every time!

The possibilities are truly endless.

Ready to unlock the limitless potential of sending? Take a look below at some of our latest Sendoso Experience offerings:

Make Memories with Marco + Sendoso

Marco is an experience platform that believes “technology can build community.” We agree.

They’re reimagining virtual events by offering high-quality virtual experiences for their customers, and now we’re excited to offer these experiences to ours!

With our Marco + Sendoso offering, Sendoso users are able to deliver to their customers, prospects, and employees eight new, unique, and exciting Sendoso Experience options! From magic shows to mindfulness to mixology, Marco has it all for both internal and client-facing events, and provides carefully vetted live hosts who guide each session to keep attendees entertained throughout.

Example Use Cases:

  • Have an upcoming virtual customer event? Boost virtual event attendance by booking a magic show experience to keep people logged on for the rest of your lineup.
  • Did new employees join your team recently? Host a team-bonding cooking class led by an expert chef and have all the ingredients conveniently shipped to everyone’s door beforehand!

So whether you’re sending a class for oyster-shucking, flower-arranging, or kombucha tasting, you’ll be sure to stick out in a flooded inbox and shake up a monotonous Zoom streak. Talk about creating a lasting impression!

Ready to make your mark with target audiences? Click here for how to get started.

Pop a Bottle with purple cork + Sendoso

purple cork is a virtual wine tasting platform that delivers immersive and educational experiences from boutique, exclusive wineries and winemakers in Sonoma, Napa, France, Italy and beyond. What sets purple cork virtual tastings apart are their special elements, such as breakout rooms for “tasting tables” and vineyard “walkthroughs,” plus the winemaker or winery owner joins each event to share personal stories and tasting notes.

Sendoso customers can select from five different virtual tasting options, including a wine tasting with snack pairing, and even a virtual caviar and champagne tasting. That will certainly get your recipients talking!

Example Use Cases:

  • Trying to woo an entire buying committee to the dotted line? When you know this is the deal of the quarter, send them a luxury caviar and champagne tasting experience to keep deal momentum strong and your brand top-of-mind as they make their decision.
  • Is a top-tier account up for a renewal? Send a Skipstone tasting and snack pairing to the whole team to really “sweeten the deal” as they plan end-of-quarter budgets.

Whichever tasting experience you go with, purple cork’s turnkey events are proven to help you deepen relationships, build pipeline, and drive revenue. See here on how to get set up.

Taste Test with In Good Taste + Sendoso

“I’ve gone to too many wine tastings,” said nobody ever. That’s why our virtual wine tasting options are plenty!

In Good Taste provides single-glass bottles filled with excellent wines from limited batches across the globe. Their virtual tastings package consists of general high-level knowledge about how to taste wines, fun facts and wine trivia about the grape and region where the wines are harvested, and a deep dive into all eight wines they send to event attendees, led by a professional In Good Taste wine expert.

Example Use Cases:

  • Onboarding a new enterprise account? Break the ice and build a strong relationship from the start with a meet-and-greet tasting to get to know your new customers.
  • Have a new feature you’re launching? Treat your VIP brand ambassadors to a virtual wine tasting with just-the-right-size sauvignon blancs where you can debut the product update (and then encourage them to spread the word!).

Virtual Experiences with Airbnb and More

Want to send an experience to a select few or just one individual? In addition to our new experience offerings, Sendoso still enables you to recreate and send top-notch one-to-one and one-to-few experiences virtually through our Airbnb eGift cards.

Talking to a prospect who missed their trip to Rome last year? Send them an Airbnb experiences eGift card directly so they can learn the proper technique for making delicious pasta at home!

Build Human Connections with Sendoso Experiences

Shatter Zoom fatigue, get noticed, and close more deals by sending something to look forward to – an unforgettable experience with Sendoso.

No matter which Sendoso Experience you choose to send, you’re sure to create a lasting connection that will continue any conversation and keep you top of mind with decision makers.

Remember, your buyers and customers have changed. Despite the possible return of in-person or hybrid events, buyers will still likely be spread far and wide as more companies permanently adapt to a remote work model—which means our virtual reality is here to stay.

In this H2H era, customers expect a personalized, B2C-like brand experience. So send them one.

Happy Sending!

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