February 8, 2024

Charity donations transform account-based marketing plays


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  • Integrate ways to support charities into your marketing efforts.
  • Charity donations offer a way to build community between prospects and customers.
  • Discover how to give your target audience the ability to support the charity of their choice.

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Giving is a powerful act in marketing. Even better, when you incorporate charity donations into your marketing plan, giving is an experience that can be shared.

Reaching out to prospective customers does not always need to be in the form of a physical corporate gifting or a B2B direct mail campaign. Now, more than ever, companies can drive engagement with a large number of people through goodwill and generosity.

Giving allows companies to build a closer connection with prospects. It demonstrates that they are in tune with their client’s interests. It’s an action that triggers innate and valuable reactions by the people who are receiving. And that’s the ultimate value in eGifting for marketers.

Spreading goodwill through marketing eGifts

Whether it is helping people displaced in Ukraine, advocating for equality, or spreading awareness about chronic diseases—Sendoso can facilitate giving to thousands of charities.

Charitable eGifts allow companies to create a positive change in the world. Industry experts say incorporating philanthropy in your B2B marketing strategy could even help boost response rates and expand your customer base.

Forbes reports that market trends show supporting philanthropic causes increases brand loyalty when practiced in a genuine way. While direct mail gifting can stand out among clients, giving back increases engagement by sharing a mission and purpose with your prospects.

Consider using Sendoso Choice for customers and clients craving a connection to a higher cause.

Turn corporate gifting into giving

Deliver prospects feel-good vibes be turning corporate gifts into an opportunity to give.

Sendoso Choice puts the power of giving into the hands of the client. It allows clients and prospects to forgo physical or personalized gifts in lieu of supporting a charitable cause.

Companies can even personalize outreach campaigns to align with their clients’ goals and passion projects.

HOW IT WORKS: Using Sendoso Choice, companies curate personalized bundles of two-to-four eGifts to send to clients from various categories, including charity donation choices.

These eGifts can be incorporated into any marketing strategy, whether its outreach to prospects or a reward for existing clients.

Once the eGift options land in their inbox, the recipient chooses one of the curated gifts. One of those options is to donate the full amount of their eGift to a charitable organization of their choosing via Charity on Top.

With nearly two million donation centers to choose from, it is easy for recipients to find a meaningful program that they care about and value.

Giving prospects the gift of choice

The eGift funds can be earmarked for larger causes, like humanitarian efforts or funding healthcare research. Recipients can also choose to donate money to local community needs that may be closer to their hearts, like making ends meet or getting dinner to the table.

Charity on Top works with hundreds of nationally recognized charity organizations, like the American Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, and United Way. These organizations help those in crisis and vulnerable populations.

It also supports international charitable organizations, including Direct Relief, International Rescue Committee, and Hope for Ukraine. These organizations can provide relief items, clean water, or a safe haven for children in war-torn areas.

Recipients can also search for local charities or one that supports their business goals.

Check out some of the popular nonprofits and charitable programs available through Sendoso Choice:

  • CDC Foundation
  • Direct Relief
  • Equal Justice Initiative
  • KarmaKarma

Incorporating Sendoso Choice into your marketing strategy works for any client, especially those who are hard to shop for. It is a way to make digital marketing and gifts for clients stand apart from traditional mail pieces.

It is also an appropriate and touching way to reach out to prospects during life’s biggest events, including weddings, job promotions, births, memorials, and more.

Charity donations empower employees

Outside the external marketing world, charitable gifting also helps build a strong internal work culture when utilized by human resources and people teams.

“The best way to foster employee happiness and engagement is by having a mission,” according to Forbes. “When you have happy, motivated employees, your brand thrives.”

Much like putting the power of giving into the hands of clients, it also empowers the workforce from within. It gives employees a sense of pride in their work.

Corporate philanthropy and corporate gifts set a tone for the office. Not only does it make employees feel good, but also customers. Sharing a common goal creates brand loyalty among customers and employees.

Nikki Carlson, co-founder of ChicExecs, says it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

“On the one hand, you make the world a better place, and on the other, you get more business. Giving back is a win for everyone. Embrace your mission and values to create a giving program that will grow your brand and change the world for years to come.”

There will always be a need in the world. A charity donation can connect your company, along with clients and prospects, to the greater good. Let Sendoso Choice help you choose the right experience to evoke a lasting and positive connection with clients.

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