March 19, 2024

47 Gifts the CEO Will Love


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Key Points:

  • Things to consider when planning an appropriate CEO gift & executive gifts (including gift-giving policies)
  • 47 unique gift options and gift ideas for a CEO or C-Suite executive.
  • Let our Send Curators plan and do all of the heavy lifting for all your C-suite gifting needs.


Gift giving to your CEO (or executive team) can be a kind gesture when done correctly.But finding a gift that a CEO will love might be hard to do. And with many executives seemingly having all they could possibly need, what do you buy a CEO?As long as you have a general idea of their styles and tastes, you can’t go wrong. However, you still need to find something that’s corporate-appropriate and most importantly, something a CEO may actually like and use.Fortunately, we compiled a list of the 47 absolute best gifts for CEOs that they’ll appreciate.

What Are the Best Corporate Gifts for CEOs?

As an employee, it’s important to understand gift giving within the organization you work for. Review the company policies around gift-giving, as there may be restrictions that prohibit certain gifts like alcohol, cash, and anything that may be deemed inappropriate for the workplace.Cater the gift towards your CEO’s interests and personality, or review past gifts that other coworkers have given the CEO for previous occasions.If you’re still unsure about what to get a CEO, consider getting a combined gift with coworkers. You’ll save money, appear thoughtful, and avoid any awkward situations.

Best Gift Ideas for CEOs

Getting a gift for a CEO not only demonstrates that you care and respect them, but it can also potentially enhance their opinion of you in the workplace.Whether your CEO is always in need of another decorative book for their coffee table, lives for skincare, or has a soft spot for music, there’s something for every kind of CEO.

1. Italian Leather Executive Padfolio

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThis leather padfolio will hold all of a CEO’s business and credit cards, writing instruments, and notes for several years. It’s spacious, secure, and it flawlessly combines style and functionality. In addition, its strong construction has a smooth leather pull and metal zip-around closure, and there’s enough space to fit a tablet or MacBook.

2. Gourmet Chocolate Box

Send with Sendoso via:La Maison du ChocolatIf your CEO has a sweet tooth or loves snacking, this gourmet desserts box is packed with a selection of delectable sweets and treats that will delight their taste buds.

3. Personalized AirPods Holder

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThis AirPods case is surprisingly affordable and forever chic, all in one. The leather finish with golden touches makes it stand out. Compared to most AirPods cases, your CEO is sure to get many compliments with it and is sure to receive an unmatched audio experience..

4. Urban Map Glass

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonNothing like a glass etched with your CEO’s hometown, or with the state they live in now, as a gift. Not only is it functional, but it’s also a sweet way to personalize the classic gift of luxury glasses.

5. A Surprise Party

Send with Sendoso via:Sendoso ExperiencesIf you’re looking for the best birthday gift for CEOs, team up with your coworkers and throw an epic surprise party for the boss instead of buying individual gifts.

6. Gourmet Brownies and Cookies

Send with Sendoso via: Cookie GoodSure you can get a CEO a good notebook, smart mug, and other material things that while sentimental, won’t truly satisfy them taste-wise. Splurge on some delicious gourmet brownies and cookies that they’ll enjoy and indulge.

7. Coffee and Tea Gift Box

Send with Sendoso via:Present Day GiftsIf your CEO is a fan of coffee or tea, this is the perfect gift for them. I mean, everyone loves a good cup of coffee, right? Get a gift box with a ton of organic and delicious tea or coffee blends to kickstart their mornings on a high note.

8. Tech Pouch

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonHelp the CEO keep his tech gadgets organized with this all-in-one accessory organizer. This way, the boss will have everything they need in one place and never need to borrow a flash drive or phone charger again.

9. Cup Warmer

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonA CEO needs a hot cup of tea or coffee every morning. This cup warmer will make sure your boss’s beverage is at the perfect temperature during meetings or on a cold day.

10. Wireless Charging Stand

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonIf your CEO is always on the go, this wireless charging stand is the perfect gift of convenience. The three-in-one charging hub works with most flagship smartphones, Apple Watch, and AirPods, to boost battery life in one fell swoop.

11. Warm Mist Facial Steamer

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThis mini humidifier is the perfect desk accessory that’s helpful in rooms with dry air. Your boss will have fresh glowy skin throughout the day for all those important meetings.

12. Leather Watch Case

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThis watch case blends expert craftsmanship and technical innovation into one elegant gift. It exudes functional luxury and features a cylindrical design similar to luxury suitcases. It has three soft innovative sliding pillows, and sleek compartments to protect your boss’s timepieces.

13. Gardening Set

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThis gardening set provides an ideal blend of elegance and functionality for the CEO who retires to the garden. Inside the durable tote bag are 12 high-quality gardening tools including garden gloves, an apron, and a garden kneeling pad.

14. Custom Signet Ring

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonA custom signet ring is perfect for the CEO who appreciates stylishness. This expertly crafted jewelry is made of 18K gold and is the perfect gift to mark a professional or personal milestone.

15. Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonFor the CEO who is a true coffee fanatic, this espresso and cappuccino maker will deliver their favorite fix just the way the corner coffee shop does it ⁠— on their desk.

16. Assorted Macaroons

Send with Sendoso via:Sift Dessert BarYou can’t really go wrong with a box of macaroons made with the perfect ratio of flavor. Each bite is just as decadent as the last and is guaranteed to satisfy your boss’s sweet tooth.

17. Vintage Maritime Desk Clock

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThis brass vintage maritime desk clock with a direction compass adds some class to your CEO’s office space. You can add custom engraving, which means more opportunities to leave a creative or thoughtful message.

18. Succulents Set

Send with Sendoso via:Lula’s GardenIndoor plants are a great way to decorate your boss’s office with greenery. If your CEO loves plants, a potted succulent is the perfect gift for the long-term.

19. Rustic World Map

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThis map is perfect for the CEO who loves to travel. It comes with a space to leave a personal message and different wood frame colors to suit their tastes.

20. Travel Document Holder

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThe globetrotting CEO will appreciate this passport and document holder that puts everything in one place instead of fumbling for them at the airport.

21. Bookends

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonFor the bookworm boss, this bookend adds regal aesthetic color and class to their bookshelf. An engraving service is available if you want to add a thoughtful message to help them feel appreciated.

22. Echo Plus

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonHaving a digital assistant can make your boss’s life easier. From calendar reminders to music and general knowledge queries, this Echo Plus will help the CEO handle things at the office or on the go.

23. Chimes

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonAdd visual interest to the CEO’s office space using these desktop chimes, and create a calming atmosphere that will help them refocus on a hectic day.

24. LEGO Architecture Set

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonBring out your CEO’s playful side using this LEGO architecture set. It’s a worthy challenge for any age and adds fun to their busy schedules as they put together each piece to create an impressive landmark.

25. Leather backpack and wristlet

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThis top-of-the-line backpack is a great choice for the daily commute or traveling. It comes with a matching wristlet and dust bag. It features a laptop compartment, water bottle holder, and padded straps for superior comfort.

26. Amazon Kindle Oasis

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonGive your boss a Kindle Oasis with easy access to all the books they can’t wait to read and those they’ve collected over the years.

27. Executive Laptop Case

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonA laptop case adds protection to your boss’s device but also makes checking emails and hopping on to virtual meetings look regal.

28. Glass Art Paperweight

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonCustomize this paperweight with a personalized message or the company’s logo as a memorable keepsake for a CEO’s office.

29. Corporate Gift Basket

Send with Sendoso via: Spoonful of ComfortThis gift basket contains delicious soups, cookies, and bacci rolls that appeal to any kind of CEO.

30. Zen Stacking Stones

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonAdd a sleek aesthetic to the CEO’s office using these Zen stacking stones. You can leave them blank or customize each stone with a unique message.

31. Thanks Tumbler Set

Send with Sendoso via:Spoonful of ComfortA tumbler with a matching leatherette bag and coaster is a thoughtful gift to give your boss. You can customize it with the company’s logo to make it more unique.

32. Diamond and Rose Gold Journal set

Send with Sendoso via: AmazonFor the elegant CEO, gift this shimmering diamond and rose gold journal set. It features a gorgeous metallic pen, and a customizable journal complete with an elastic band and ribbon bookmark.

33. Desktop Slingshot

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThis desktop slingshot is perfect for the executive who loves to have some fun during their downtime. They can fling small objects or crumpled up paper to unwind.

34. Marble Tea Set

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThe chic style of this tea set is an excellent gift for the CEO who loves to host guests at the office or their home. It’s better to brew tea in a pot instead of a mug. As a personal touch, throw in some of your favorite tea blends for them to try.

35. Duffel Bag

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThis travel duffel bag is the perfect gift for your boss’s travels. It’s waterproof and comes in various designer colors to suit different personalities.

36. 3D Puzzle Game

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonMade from 100 percent natural sheeshum wood, this 3-in-one wooden puzzle game delivers triple the fun with games that your boss can play at the office to take a break from the day’s stresses and keep their mind sharp.

37. Leather Oval Mouse Pad with Wrist Set

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonThis mousepad is a convenient and modern accessory with a padded wrist set that ensures your boss’s wrist stays in an ergonomically favorable position. Plus, it has a silky smooth surface and non-slip backing to keep the mouse and pad stable.

38. Golf Mug

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonHelp your boss relieve the stresses of everyday life with this novelty golf mug. It comes with a golf club pen and foam golf balls so they can putt the ball through the arch when they’re feeling teed off.

39. Naim Atom

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonFor the boss who can’t do without music, the Naim Atom plays analog and digital music from vinyl records, cassette tapes, and mobile devices too.

40. Craft Steaks

Send with Sendoso via: Crowd CowWhether your boss loves their steaks rare, medium-rare, or well done, this top-of-the-range steak box contains craft beef and meats. It is the perfect gift for the meat conisseur.

41. Pocket Watch

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonA pocket watch is perfect for the CEO who wants to add some elegance as they check the time. You can leave a unique message engraved on the front or back cover of the watch.

42. Cheese and Chocolate

Send with Sendoso viaYorkville’sPerfect for the CEO with a refined palate, this basket of unique gifts comes with cheese, chocolate, and various other treats so they can assemble everything and enjoy right away.

43. Leather Wine Carrier

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonWine is a popular corporate gift for any occasion, so why not give something a CEO can carry it in? This elegant carrier can hold two bottles at a go, making it great for bringing wine to their favorite party.

44. Grooming Kit

Send with Sendoso viaPresent Day GiftsFor the CEO who is always on the move, this grooming kit with a towel, socks, soap, lip balm, and foot and shoe spray is the perfect gift to keep them looking dapper.

45. Tile Mate

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonFor the forgetful CEO, this little gadget with a Bluetooth tracker will help them find their lost or misplaced items. It can be attached to luggage, keys, or anything else that easily gets lost.

46. Alarm Clock

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonIt’s tempting to snooze the alarm, but you can make your boss’s mornings easier with this alarm clock.

47. Aromatherapy Candle

Send with Sendoso via:AmazonA happy, stress-free boss means a more conducive work environment. Give your CEO the gift of relaxation with this sweet-smelling, aromatherapy stress relief candle. The soothing and clean eucalyptus-spearmint scent is great for anyone with a hectic schedule.

How to Use Sendoso for CEO Gifts

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