April 26, 2022

17 Thoughtful Gift Baskets for Employees


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Whether you need a holiday gift basket, retirement gift box, or care package to express sympathy, we’ve got the perfect customer appreciation package ideas for every important occasion. We rounded up the top 17 gift baskets for employees to find the most thoughtful gifts that will leave a lasting impression. ​

What is a good gift for employees?

Reward loyal clients with a show of gratitude by gifting them a standout appreciation gift basket. Acknowledgment and genuine positive feedback are linked to an increase in employee motivation, improved brand perception, and even a boost in sales.

A good employee gift sends a message of sincere thanks and celebration. Champagne gift baskets with a handwritten note, for example, are universally perfect for recognizing an employee promotion or celebrating a new business partnership.

Stay top of mind by sending a gift that cuts through the noise. The best gifts are tailored to your employees’ roles in the company and their personal interests. This could be wine country gift baskets for the administrators and directors who love a sauvignon blanc or a donation to a philanthropic or social cause that the client supports. When you send a gift that aligns with their passion, customers will be surprised by your attention to detail.

17 Thoughtful Gift Baskets to Celebrate any Occasion

Best Gift Baskets on a Budget

1. Chilli Sauce Box

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Description: At under $30, this corporate gift is a steal! Spice things up and surprise your customers with something memorable. Perfect for hot sauce fans, the Chilli Sauce Box includes three different gourmet sauces that recipients will love cooking up in the kitchen.

2. 3 Bar – Best Seller Bundle

Send with Sendoso via: Raaka Chocolate

Description: This bundle may be a bargain but it tastes absolutely luxurious. Certified organic, these gourmet chocolate bars come in three unique flavors: bourbon casked aged, pink sea salt, and oat milk.

Best Gift Baskets for Wine Lovers

3. Napa Cult Cab Gift Box

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Description:This premier business gift basket is raising the bar on employee appreciation. A Sendoso exclusive, this box is curated by purple cork and Roy Estate Winery and includes the “cult status” red wine. Luxury Bordeaux Blends that are crafted by world-famous winemaker, Philippe Melka, will really make a lasting impression on your corporate clients.

4. Sweetest Toast Set

Send with Sendoso via: Gift Baskets Overseas

Description: The holiday season is right around the corner. Wine gift baskets are a great way to raise spirits and show gratitude to your co-workers this year. This custom gift basket includes imported white wine, and locally sourced chocolate truffles, gourmet chocolate cookies, and a bar of dark chocolate. It’s a great gift for indulging and celebrating a job well done!

5. Wine Crate

Send with Sendoso via: Yorkville’s

Description:This crate elegantly displays a bottle of wine paired with a fig preserve and olives all placed in a beautiful wine gift box. Cheers to a corporate gift that’s truly in good taste!

Top Gift Basket for Dog Moms & Dads

6. The Buddy Box

Send with Sedoso via: Gyfting

Description: Have customers with a fur baby in their life? This box is a one-of-a-kind corporate gift that focuses on your client and the bond they share with their Best Friend! It includes freshly baked dog treats, a squeaky taco toy, aloe scented wipes, and a bouncy red ball. Owner and pet will be able to enjoy the gift together.

Best Gift Baskets for Foodies

7. Rise & Shine Gift Box

Send with Sendoso via: Birdytell

Description: Everyone is working for the weekend and this breakfast box is perfect for planning a homestyle Sunday brunch. Complete with a gourmet waffle, pancake mix, Prickly Pear jam, and Prickly Pear cactus syrup. These thoughtful gifts can be shared with the whole family.

8. Boba Milk Tea & Popcorn Chicken

Send with Sendoso via: Marco

Description: Led by a team of chefs with training and experience from San Francisco’s fine dining and Michelin-star restaurants, this unique experience gift will give your clients a satisfying meal and confidence in the kitchen. Orders include all the ingredients needed for the experience.

9. Fall Care Package

Send with Sendoso via: Frog Hollow Farm

Description: No corporate gift basket is quite as sweet as this one! Stocked with organic seasonal fresh fruit and fun gourmet fixings like granola, nuts, honey, and tea, this healthy package is sure to delight any boss on your company contacts.

Best Gift Basket for Movie-holics

10. Red Box Movie Night Bundle

Send with Sendoso via: Snack Box USA

Description: These corporate gift baskets are suitable for all movie lovers and are even family-friendly. Staff who are ready to kick off their Friday movie night will appreciate this perfect bundle of snacks, including Act II Butter Lovers Popcorn, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, M&M’s, cookies, Hot Tamales, and more! Corporate clients can pick their own movie on their own time, then sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Best Gift Basket for Golf Enthusiasts

11. Golf Enthusiast Box

Send with Sendoso via: A Gentleman’s Trove

Description: Know some financial advisors who spend their weekends on the golf course after a week of hard work in the office? This gift will be a hole-in-one! The box includes Bridgestone Performance golf balls, ProLength PLUS wooden golf tees, stylish argyle socks, and savory single malt scotch caramels.

Best Gift Baskets for Rest & Relaxation

12. Hug in a Box

Send with Sendoso via: Social Stories Club

Description: For the client who always comes through and deserves a great gift, send them a hug (in a box)! This stylish box is stocked full of gourmet goodies, including Cafe Direct Hot Chocolate that has given back over £6 million to coffee farmers! This gift addresses different social causes and comes with a booklet with the stories behind every product.

13. The Longest Day Gift Box

Send with Sendoso via: Botanical Candle Co.

Description:Help your valuable clients unwind and bask in some aromatherapy with these high-quality staff appreciation gift baskets. It’s a great way to celebrate a customer’s birthday or any special occasion while also supporting a small business. Pro tip: Add a custom message of thanks and it’s sure to make their day!

The Best Shareable Gift Basket

14. Snacks to Share (Petite)

Send with Sendoso via: Olive & Cocoa

Description:These delicious staff appreciation gifts are too good not to share! Packed with white chocolate gummy bears, trail mix, rocky road popcorn, rustic crackers, cheese, and hummus the stylish package is wrapped in a hand-crafted wood crate with ribbon. It’s the perfect gift for the entire customer service department.

15. Healthy Snack Haul

Sendoso Partner: Knack Shops

Description:These new hire gift baskets can definitely satisfy cravings and there’s plenty to share! It includes items like Figgy Chai Nut Butter Bar, Smoky Almonds, Plantain Chips, Mango Tango Salsa, Pistachio Cherry Mix, California Crispy Fruit Slices, Pineapple and Sweetwood Beef Jerky. This collection can even qualify for free shipping.

Best Baskets for Special Occasions

16. Welcome Baby Gift

Sendoso Partner: Knack Shops

Description: Celebrating your customer with a new baby shows care and attention to detail. The best way to shower a family with love is to send a little something for the baby and parents to be enjoyed at home. These sweet employee appreciation baskets include a bento box, TÖST non-alcoholic drinking beverage, a bunny plush toy, and more.

17. Johnnie Walker Blue Label® – ‘Retirement is the Beginning’ Engraved Bottle

Send with Sendoso via: ReserveBar

Description: Johnnie Walker Blue Label sets the standard, a blend of the rarest malts from hand-selected casks across Scotland. When there’s a big achievement worth celebrating such as a promotion or retirement, larger gifts are appropriate. This custom gift can be engraved with a company’s logo or name and will stand out even more than fine wines or gourmet food items.

What can I use instead of a basket for a gift basket?

In need of options other than a physical gift basket?
Try: An Amazon gift that customers can use towards their own Amazon wishlist!

What do you put in an employee gift basket?

First, be sure to do your homework on the company’s rules on gift acceptance and privacy policy. You don’t want to put your customers in an awkward position of sending them a gift that they aren’t allowed to accept!

Next, consider how you will include and appreciate all team members. Be cautious not to give one employee a noticeably more expensive gift than other staff members. Stick to high-quality gifts and customized items when possible.

Here are a few ideas of what can be included in a memorable employee gift basket:

  • Items with company logo such as t-shirts, mugs, etc.
  • Small batch or sampler packs of alcoholic gift beverages
  • Tasty gourmet food gifts
  • Handcrafted bath and body items

What makes a thoughtful gift basket?

A thoughtful gift basket is all about extending a sincere thank you to your important clients. A thoughtful basket is characterized by:

  • Luxury and high-quality products
  • Gifts that support women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, and small businesses
  • Gifts made in the USA
  • Purchases that give back & support social causes
  • A curated collection of unique items
  • Customized products, specific to the client

Whatever the occasion, you need to convey more than just a routine gesture with a run-of-the-mill corporate gift. A custom gift can express your gratitude and thoughtfulness, making a lasting impression on the receiver. Sendoso is ready to assist you with your selection of the most thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list.

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