March 27, 2023

Embracing Earth Day with Sustainable Sends


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April is the perfect time to ramp up creative sending! The Easter holiday puts people in the gift-giving mood, and MLB opening day will have betting sports fans feeling lucky.

At Sendoso, generosity is always encouraged, but environmental and corporate social responsibility are core values. That’s why we’re featuring eco-friendly brands that show love to customers and the planet as well!

From an artisan coffee company dedicated to Fairtrade partnerships to a flower shop that donates to nursing homes and women’s shelters—you’ll feel a bit more benevolent using these April send suggestions!

Sendoso’s global marketplace makes sending gifts with a deeper purpose easy. These socially conscious gift ideas will make an unforgettable impact on your clients without negatively impacting our environment!

MLB Opening Day, April 1st

Gift idea: Baseball BBQ

Our top pick: 12″ “Silver Slugger” Combo Set

Use Case: Door Opener, Deal Closer

Message idea: Let me help you make this quarter a home run!

Why Baseball BBQ:

Spring has sprung! Baseball represents tradition and camaraderie; barbeques are a time to gather with family and friends to share stories, laughter, and great food. Grillers will appreciate cooking more than ever with a fork handle that feels like a well-loved baseball bat!

Combine these two American past times by gifting Baseball BBQ’s customizable grilling tools. For any sports lover, this gift captures not only the love of the game but also the love of thoughtful gifts!

Easter Sunday, April 9th

Gift Idea: Onyx Coffee Lab

Our top pick: Collection Box

Use Case: Office Shareables

Message idea: Hope this is an office power-up!

Why Onyx Coffee Lab:

Energize that prospect to meet with you by sending rich, bold coffee from Onyx. Their iconic reusable mailer breaks down in 180 days, returning nutrients back to the earth and proving your commitment to the environment!

Customers will love pairing their Easter sweets with fresh, flavorful coffee from a company that cares about how they source their beans and treat the countries of origin. Green and delicious? Count us in!

Earth Day, April 22nd

Gift idea: Paper Shoot

Our top pick: Old Lomo White

Use Case: Door Opener

Message idea: Let’s capture business together!

Why Paper Shoot:

Paper Shoot is the perfect gift for creatives or anyone who enjoys capturing moments during family gatherings or travel. Paper Shoot creates cameras using sustainable & recycled materials.

Between their simplicity, aesthetic, and mission to inspire creatives, it’s no wonder this forward-thinking camera went viral on Tik Tok! With the Paper Shoot camera, you’ll get the feel of a disposable camera without the screen or controls—fulfilling the much sought-after desire to live in the moment!

Arbor Day, April 28th

Gift idea: ReVased

Our top pick: Greenhouse Choice – Surprise Plant

Use Case: Deal Closer, Surprise & Delight

Message idea: Cheers to planting new roots.

Why Revased:

Flowers are a classic gift, especially in Spring. But what good are beautiful flowers if we harm Mother Earth in the process? What makes this gift pretty (inside and out!) is that you’re supporting a floral company with a mission.

ReVased relies on sustainable farm sourcing and keeps its emissions low—all while donating flowers to nursing homes and women’s shelters! Gifts from ReVased will make your prospects and customers feel appreciated, and you’ll feel good knowing you’re making someone else’s day brighter!

Diversity Month, April

Gift idea: Inclusive Trade

Our top pick: No name hot chocolate

Use Case: Meeting Booker, Door Opener

Message idea: A choco-lot of joy!

Why Inclusive Trade:

There’s no better way to celebrate diversity month than with Inclusive Trade’s hot chocolate supported by “Echar Pa’Lante,” a rural prosperity program for cocoa farmers in Colombia.

Inclusive Trade uses the finest cacao, ensuring your gift tastes delicious and is socially responsible! With its flavor and quality, no name charms chocolate lovers and connects them to Colombian origin and impact.

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