May 18, 2021

3 Ways Enterprise-Level Companies are Driving Meetings and Pipeline with Sendoso.

Nova Halliwell
Nova Halliwell

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During the pandemic, most organizations were faced with the urgent need to pivot their sales and marketing efforts to be more digitally focused. While this shift was a marked change for some organizations, for others it was just another day at the… home office.

No stranger to the digital world, Sendoso specializes in helping brands make human-to-human connections through relevant, creative, personalized sends. Here we share examples of how three enterprise-level companies successfully leveraged Sendoso to supercharge their digital sales and marketing efforts.

How Cornerstone Generated $4K in Influenced Pipeline for Every Dollar Spent

Cornerstone, a cloud-based people development solution, was no stranger to sending direct mail. But they wanted to find a partner that would lighten the load through integrations with their existing toolset, as well as offer the ability to execute personalized 1:1 sends or automate 1:many sends.

Cornerstone leveraged Sendoso’s Salesforce and Outreach integrations to create a multi-touch sequence, which provided several natural opportunities for engagement:

  1. Upcoming delivery message sent to recipient
  2. Gift sent via Outreach through single click
  3. Sendoso automatically posts tracking status in Outreach
  4. Once delivered, prospect automatically added to follow-up sequence in Outreach

Cornerstone’s campaign paid off in a big way, generating these amazing results:

  • 30% lead-to-opportunity conversion rate
  • $4K in influenced pipeline for every dollar spent
  • $7M in influenced pipeline

How Rapid7 Demonstrated Customer and Community Commitment with eGifts

As people spent more and more time online last year, opportunity was in the air for cybersecurity service provider Rapid7.

To reach their targets during this uncertain time, Rapid7 partnered with Sendoso to shift existing direct mail campaigns to focus on eGifts instead of physical items. Using Sendoso’s extensive sending options, the company was able to maintain a level of creativity and freshness even as the pandemic stretched on for many months.

For example, the team initially launched a Salesforce-integrated campaign that sent customers and prospects Uber Eats and Visa eGifts with light-hearted messages that demonstrated the brand’s commitment to its customers and community. The events team also arranged virtual happy hours and sent eGifts as a day-of event reminder.

Over time, Rapid7 also leveraged Sendoso’s new eGift options—such as Sendoso Choice, which allows recipients to choose from a variety of eGifts, and Charity Choice, which provides the option to donate the gift amount to charity—as raffle giveaways during their Remote Work Readiness webcasts.

Taken together, these actions helped drive upsells among existing accounts, as well as pipeline conversion. More than just a sales tool, Rapid7 has since expanded their Sendoso partnership to other teams, including business development and customer success.

How Zuora Drove an 18% Meetings Booked Rate with their “Champagne Campaign”

Shifting to a subscription-based business model comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. As a SaaS company that focuses on order-to-revenue optimization, Zuora knows the landscape well—which is to say they understand the difficulty of reaching companies as they are in the midst of a major change.

To that end, Zuora created a “Champagne Campaign”—which targeted prospects based on company milestones, such as launching a subscription service or hiring a digital or innovation executive. When such a “celebration signal” occurred, it triggered the sending of a Zuora-branded bottle of Veuve Clicquot with a personalized note. The team then used Sendoso’s Salesforce and Outreach integrations to launch customized email sequences.

With a 75% open rate and an 18% meeting rate, this campaign is certainly something to celebrate.

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