November 26, 2018

How a Direct Mail Campaign Can Help You Move UpMarket

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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When it comes to going upmarket, a direct mail campaign might just be your secret weapon.

Why? Because you know that selling into mid-market and enterprise companies means a much more complex sales process. The strategies that got your company to where it is today likely won’t work when selling into bigger organizations, so you’ve got to get more creative and tactical.

And a direct mail campaign is the perfect opportunity to do so. Here are five ways any sales team can use direct mail and gifting to go upmarket.

How to Use a Direct Mail Campaign to Go UpMarket

1. Use direct mail to rise above the noise.

If the average office worker receives more than 100 emails each day, can you even imagine how many a VP or C-level executive receives? Yikes. Not to mention that people will delete almost half of what’s in their inbox in less than five minutes.

A direct mail campaign helps you get on your buyer’s desk—not just their inbox—where it’s much less cluttered. But these buyers deserve more than a generic postcard send. Do some research and ship them something creative that you know they’ll actually enjoy. Some of our favorites include branded coffee kits, desk succulents, and custom swag boxes.

2. Get past gatekeepers with a direct mail send.

Larger companies are much more complicated to navigate. If you try to call your decision-maker directly, you’re going to be met with gatekeepers telling you they’ll take a message or to send over more information via email. But a direct mail campaign can circumvent this entire process. Even if your package ends up on a secretary’s desk, you know it will still be opened and shared with your buyer.

3. Engage a buying committee with direct mail.

With enterprise companies, you aren’t just selling to one person. Your selling to an entire committee: a champion, a decision-maker, an end user, a financial influencer, and more. So a direct mail campaign can help you win bigger those deals by engaging multiple members of that buying committee.

We see a lot of success with engaging multiple buyers by sending wine or a sweet treat that people can share and enjoy together. Our customers love sending fresh fruit, cupcakes, and even chocolate-covered Oreos.

4. Send physical collateral to educate your buyers.

So much of the content we consume nowadays comes in a digital format. Don’t you think it would be refreshing for your high-value prospect to read something they can actually hold in their hands?

After all, direct mail is easier to understand and more memorable than digital media. According to research, it requires 21% less cognitive effort to process and elicits a much higher brand recall. So print off some of your most powerful eBooks, case studies, data sheets or one-pagers and ship them directly to your prospect with a thoughtful handwritten note.

5. Build connections throughout longer sales cycles.

Since the sales process at bigger companies can be so much longer, it’s important to keep the relationship with your buyers strong. A personalized direct mail send can do just the trick. Studies show that even a small gift can have a substantial influence on the success of sales negotiations.

Use this opportunity to send something that’s meaningful—maybe a reference to something you’ve learned about your prospect throughout negotiations. Whether that’s tickets to their favorite sporting event, or a book by an author they love, or even a local product from their hometown, taking the time to show your prospect that you’ve heard and understood them will leave a lasting effect.

Going upmarket is just one use case for a direct mail campaign. We’ve found that creating these types of extraordinary touchpoints helps build relationships with prospects, customers, employees, and even recruits—as long as there’s some thought behind the gift. That’s why we put together a helpful guide with 100+ corporate gift ideas. Grab your complimentary copy below.


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