February 22, 2024

How Atrium’s Direct Mail Strategy Decreased Their Cost Per Opportunity

Leslie Barrett
Leslie Barrett

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In this installment of our Customer Spotlight series, we focus on the direct mail strategy of Atrium, an advanced sales performance analytics software that empowers sales teams to make informed decisions.

Atrium co-founder Peter Kazanjy is no stranger to product marketing.

In addition to serving in multiple product marketing leadership roles, he’s an early-stage SaaS executive, advisor, and investor. So he understands the value of well-executed marketing collateral and the power it can have as direct mail.

To execute their direct mail strategy, however, he had to hire freelancers via TaskRabbit once a week to pack and send the items. This wasn’t scalable. The Atrium team wanted to invest more in direct mail but needed a solution that could support automated sends.

Direct Mail Strategy For Sales

After becoming a customer, Atrium used Sendoso to launch its “Light up your data” campaign. When a prospect signed up here, they automatically received a complimentary diagnostic of their sales organizations, a super nifty “sales nerd” t-shirt, and a phone charger.

After the diagnostic is complete, an automated Salesforce workflow triggers the t-shirt and charger send via Sendoso.

To build upon that direct mail strategy, Atrium also decided to use Sendoso for automatically sending out marketing collateral at certain points in the sales cycle. Their target audience is leaders in sales and sales operations, so they send physical visuals on how sales metrics work for account executives, SDRs, and others.

Before a demo, a Sendoso trigger sends out the visual as laminates and posters. This allows Atrium to get on the desks and walls of a prospect even before they interact with the software.

Direct Mail Strategy For Swag

Finally, the Atrium team also uses Sendoso with its Shopify Swag Store to augment its direct mail strategy for customers and prospects. Collateral and swag are loaded into Shopify, then sent out through Sendoso. Peter provides reps with Shopify codes to give to prospects and build relationships. Once the code is redeemed, Shopify triggers Sendoso and the item is shipped!

Between Shopify and the pre-demo sends, Peter has saved numerous hours of his time (and multiple headaches) each week thanks to the automation with Sendoso. With the “Light up your data” campaign, the cost per opportunity was dramatically lower than hiring an outbound SDR.

“Our printed marketing materials have always proven to be extremely effective, but we needed a smart way to scale how we sent them to our target audience,” Peter said. “Sendoso is a force multiplier for our efforts, especially because the platform integrates with marketing automation and CRM.”

Peter has seen success with scaling the program and wants to invest in other areas in order to create a massive inbound funnel. And it’s all possible with the help of Sendoso.

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