June 15, 2018

How Can Direct Mail Influence Consumer Behavior?

Sruthi Kumar
Sruthi Kumar

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Psychology of Marketing, better known as consumer behavior, includes how consumers think, feel, and reason between different alternatives. Consumer behavior can be influenced by 4 common factors and let’s see how Direct Mail can play a role.

1) Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns executed on a regular basis can influence the consumer purchasing decision when it comes to opting for one brand over another.

Direct mail: A cadence of direct mail paired with a digital strategy can be very impactful. Catching your prospect’s attention in different places like their email inbox, social media channels, and ads on their frequently visited websites are all part of a strong digital strategy. Direct mail comes in to play to be able to catch your prospect’s attention with a physical asset. All of this paired together can influence the consumers purchasing decision.

2) Personal Preferences

Consumer behavior is shaped by personal likes, dislikes, priorities, and more – these can exert a huge influence on the final decision made by a consumer.

Direct mail: Sending something personalized is where you have a chance to stand out. By leveraging pre-existing likes and dislikes of the prospect, you can build a closer relationship with your prospect and customer. If you know a customer likes pizza, send them some socks with pizza on them! Or if you know they dislike onions – send them an onion mug. You get a chuckle out of your prospect and a chance to catch their attention.

3) Group Influence

Group influence plays a key role in consumer behavior. It’s human nature to care of the other’s opinions and in this case the biggest influential group is their coworkers.

Direct mail: Since group influence is huge and we are all privy to it, send something that can be enjoyed by the whole team. This is where cupcakes, coffee, or treats for the whole office can be strategic. You are spreading brand awareness through the company and not limiting it to the key decision maker. You are also creating an environment where the decision maker’s peers are happy with their decision to work with you.

4) Purchasing Power

Purchasing power plays an important role; consumers analyze their purchasing capacity before making a decision to buy a product or service.

Direct mail: Do your research on your prospect to make sure they are the right contact. If you send a great item and personalized gift to a person on the marketing team, but they are not the one with control of the purse strings – you have worked yourself into a corner. While it never hurts to create good faith across the team, you do need the decision maker to be on your side of the court.

Direct mail can help you influence your prospect’s decision whether they will purchase your product or service over your competitor. Using simple factors of what we already know that affect consumer behavior can be your first easy step to influencing your prospect’s decisions.


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