February 18, 2022

How to Fix Your ROI and Still Deliver During Challenging Times


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Challenging times will face every business at some point. The most successful businesses will encounter them aplenty. But the best businesses overcome. They pivot. They evolve. And eventually, they win again. So how’s your evolution coming?

Today’s global situation has made it difficult for marketers to reach customers. There is over-saturation in social media feeds, non-stop news cycles delivered even on gas pump screens, and the barrier of competing noise has become almost impenetrable. To top it all off, email messaging efforts have been falling off significantly in recent years — people just get too

Direct Mail Makes a Comeback

Thankfully for marketers and sales teams, though, what previously seemed a bit prehistoric — the use of direct mail — has today proven to be an extremely powerful tool to connect meaningfully with customers.

In collaboration with our clients, Sendoso, the leading Sending Platform, has evolved the direct mail approach. Through strategic direct mailing, marketers can move beyond the decreasing effectiveness of email communications and other digital-first channels. By leveraging the tried-and-true benefits of direct mailing, teams can break through all the virtual noise that keeps them from generating leads and closing sales.

Building relationships will never become extinct. And direct mail allows companies to build relationships with their customers. This yields the missing link of recent years: drive better response rates, foster faster deal cycles, and encourage more renewals.

Direct mailings – such as corporate gifts – leave lasting impressions and help marketing, sales, and customer experience teams stand out and inspire action. And most importantly, physical sending can drive positive return-on-investment (ROI) results.

Direct mailings — with their tactile immediacy and memorability — have shown to be essential in contemporary marketing. And Sending Platforms make them happen for companies in the twenty-first century.

Marketing thought-leader and former CMO Carol Meyers notes that “sending platforms … help the sales team really differentiate themselves from the competition, [and thinks] the future of ABM (account-based marketing) and gifting is just going to be huge for B2B marketing.”

Direct Mail Strategies Are Easier Than Ever

Using direct mail is a proven strategy across industries. However, software developers, architecture firms, cheesemakers, snowboard crafters, and beyond are not experts in sending branded t-shirts, cool as they might be. Their collective pain point is handling delivery, logistics, and fulfillment – something that most businesses do not have the time or resources to specialize in.

These processes are murky and complicated. In the past, inefficiently supported marketing campaigns used disconnected direct mail platforms to deliver promotional products or brochures to potential customers.

But this reliance on non-integrated platforms led to difficulties in personalization, packaging, inventory management, shipping accuracy, achieving recipient response, and tracking ROI.

Today, Sendoso takes the best of a direct mail platform, integrates it with an easy Software-as-a-Service (Saas) software, and backs it up with multiple global warehouses to ensure delivery and fulfillment are executed flawlessly. This helps marketers avoid the common pitfalls with direct mail strategies of the past.

Thanks to this worldwide reach, direct mail can be more than just thousands of pamphlets delivered with a postage stamp. It can be personalized gifts. Promotional items. Unique experiences that break through the digital clutter.

For global client Sanjay Sarathy, vice president of marketing at Cloudinary, a SaaS company that offers cloud-based image and video management services, an evolved direct mail solution was exactly what he needed.

“We are a global company … with customers in countries where we don’t necessarily have a field presence … [the ability to] send to anywhere [with] people around the world … is critically important,” says Sarathy.

Sendoso has revolutionized direct mail. By integrating with companies’ existing technology stacks, it can unite sales, marketing, customer experiences, and other teams like never before.

Reach Your Audience with a Sending Platform

By utilizing the power of direct mail marketing strategies, or “sending,” you’ll be able to break through the digital noise of your customers and deliver campaign results. And thanks to a modern SaaS solution as your direct mail vendor, with umpteen upgrades of course, you’ll actually be able to track and measure your “sends” thanks to our Analytics Dashboard.

Armed with the power of easy direct mail sending, modern fulfillment, integrated outreach, and modern data to prove your ROI, reaching your audience and hitting your organizational goals in 2022 is no longer a murky endeavor. With the leading Sending Platform, direct mail is doable.

Katie Downey, senior growth marketing manager of Samsara, a cloud technology in the IoT (Internet of Things) space, has found direct sending a way to achieve positive ROI.

“Our audience is often busy and can be hard to reach, but our direct mail campaigns with Sendoso help us get our message through,” says Downey.

Don’t rely on extinct direct mail methods. Delivering positive ROI through direct mail is a dynamic process, and it requires the leading Sending Platform in order to be executed correctly.  Request a demo today to learn how to better reach your customers, gain buy-in, and grow revenue.

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