April 7, 2024

Dear Revenue Leaders: Human-to-Human is the Best Way to Connect

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Director of Corporate Marketing Brianna Valleskey.

Your buyers and customers have changed.

How do I know?

In Q1 of 2021, we surveyed 750 B2B marketers, salespeople, and customer experience (CX) decision-makers—who we’ll call “revenue leaders”—to see if and how the B2B world evolved in the wake of societal issues like COVID-19 and social justice conversations. We packaged up all of this data (plus insights from hundreds of revenue teams sending across the globe) and released it in our 2021 State of Sending report just last month, but I’d like to share a little of what we heard from those revenue leaders here:

91% of them agreed that building a personal or human connection became more important to closing sales since March 2020, and 88% said their engagement strategy has taken a more human-to-human approach in that same time frame.

They also told us they were engaging in more personal conversations with buyers and customers, checking in on them for non-business reasons, and personalizing their outreach based on interests.

One critical way they said they’ve gotten more personal with target audiences was by publicly addressing social issues—and a clear majority (84%) said they received a positive response.

Why? Because in 2021, human connection is priority #1.

91% of those revenue leaders agreed that building a personal or human connection became more important to closing sales since March 2020, and 88% said their engagement strategy has taken a more human-to-human approach in that same time frame.

Your buyers are looking for more than just a polished B2B brand. They expect bold personalities. They demand values that align with their own. And they will only work with the brands they feel most connected to.

While personalization tactics were already on the rise before the pandemic, B2B buyers and customers expect experiences that are similar to that of a B2C consumer. In using B2C-like tactics to engage target audiences, B2B professionals brought the “human-to-human” (H2H) concept of audience engagement to the forefront. Simple gestures like congratulating a buyer or customer on their marriage or asking how their family dog is doing are no longer small talk—they’re standard components of the audience experience.

Human Connection is Now Priority #1

Revenue leaders were already on their way to a more humanized approach to customer engagement, but it’s clear the last year kicked that movement into overdrive. While we’ve been physically disconnected from each other for health and safety reasons, revenue leaders have been doing all they can to be more human in this situation.

Using a H2H approach ultimately means being creative to build deeper relationships with buyers and customers. And in 2021, we expect revenue leaders to set themselves apart by creating more human connections with the people that are important to their organization.

How those companies engage with their audiences says more about their brand more than anything else. Revenue teams must be nimble, with diverse strategies and a variety of ways to engage buyers and customers. They also require the ability to take a more human approach both in one-to-one interactions and at scale.

Giving has always been a significant part of building connections and maintaining relationships. But not all gifts are created equal; and the gift itself is not enough. It’s the thoughtful and meaningful act of giving that captures attention, creates connection, and communicates your values.

Succeed in the Era of H2H

Sending direct mail, eGifts, experiences, and more allows them to be agile, creative, and, most importantly, connected to their audience. Enhancing your brand and elevating relationships through sending is a proven way to increase response rates and drive revenue. Most revenue leaders expect to increase their sending over the next 12 months—making the investment in a Sending Platform even more critical so that they can measure the return on their investment.

Don’t forget to grab your free copy of the 2021 State of Sending report here. And remember that regardless of what channel you’re using, there’s always another person at the other end of your outreach. The future is human.

By personalizing your approach with sending across the entire customer lifecycle, taking time to genuinely get to know buyers and customers, and prioritizing that human at the other end of your send, you can succeed in the era of H2H.

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