May 8, 2024

Improving Your Customer Experience With Gainsight’s Journey Orchestrator and Sendoso

Aaron Hatton
Aaron Hatton

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At Gainsight we hear from customers and customer success teams all the time that maintaining a book of business can be challenging. You’ll often find that it’s like navigating rocky waters as the customer’s experience has both crests and troughs throughout their journey. As your teams talk with customers they begin to decode where exactly on this journey the customer may be and what their overall sentiment is like, with the penultimate goal being to help customers maximize the crests and minimize the troughs.

One great way to do this is to send customers gifts of appreciation for support when the time is right. We decided to elevate our customer experience when we saw the success our Marketing team was having with Sendoso. In fact, our field marketers won a 2022 Sendie Award for influencing $5.5M in pipeline with direct mail. So we leaned in.

The first thing I recommend is  sending a customer a Welcome Box to thank them for signing up and becoming part of your loyal customer base. Perhaps you may even want to send them a holiday gift, a gift at the time of their renewal, or better yet, a gift to celebrate their milestones (i.e – First X number of email sends, their tool going live, etc.).

It doesn’t have to just be about their company’s relationship either. It may be specific to your primary point of contact such as a wedding gift if they’re about to get married, or a Starbucks gift card if they are having a tough week.

We’re also big fans of automation and creating a digital-first experience for our customers. That’s why we leverage both Gainsight’s Journey Orchestrator and Sendoso to be able to send gifts to our customers throughout their customer journey.

This has empowered our customer success teams to provide a great experience at the right time for our customers by leveraging the power of gift sends. The automation has been set up so it can be leveraged in a few different ways, such as sending a gift based on the number of days since a customer has signed up, a milestone is achieved, or even if the CSM logs a timeline entry within Gainsight with the selection of the correct options.

The ability to automate API calls using Gainsight’s Journey Orchestrator is a real game changer. It expands the possibilities for interacting with both your product/s and any third-party service which isn’t natively integrated with Gainsight.

Using this method to send gifts not only helps provide an automated way to improve your customer experience but can also help create meaningful relationships between your account teams and your end customers.

We’re super excited about having completed this project and so wanted to share with you how best to replicate this if you also happen to use Sendoso.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve also put together a step-by-step breakdown of how you can leverage Custom Connectors with third-party APIs, and Journey Orchestrator.

About the Author: Aaron Hatton, Digital & Scale CS Program Manager at Gainsight

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