January 22, 2024

Why 2024 Became the Year of Evolving from ABM to ABX

Lauren Barraco
Lauren Barraco

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This post is brought to you by Lauren Barraco, Head of Sendoso Product Marketing.

Account-Based Marketing has revolutionized how revenue generation teams go to market. In a recent Forbes article, TOPO analyst, Eric Wittlake cited that over 80% of B2B organizations report they are operating an ABM model. But the business landscape isn’t the same as it was a year ago…or even six months ago.The sales, marketing, and CX playbooks have fundamentally changed in 2020. Our businesses can’t use the same tactics in the same ways we have in the past, which is forcing us to evolve. The customer segmentation that comes with ABM allows you to be more relevant and efficient, but to deploy it correctly, your entire organization must shift its mindset to build programs that employ these segmentations across sales development, sales, and customer success.

That’s why today, we launched new features that will help you evolve your strategy into a more effective and efficient account-based approach: Account-Based Everything (ABX).

Successful ABM is actually ABX

A successful ABX strategy requires relevance, timing, and customized experiences. With Sendoso, the leading Sending Platform and #1 Account-Based Execution solution on G2, B2B revenue teams can continuously humanize, scale, and measure their ABX efforts.

New Sendoso features will enable teams to produce the most ROI and revenue growth and help marketing, sales, and CX teams to work together to collectively drive a cross-functional account-based strategy. Learn more about these exciting updates below.

New Sendoso Features that Support the Era of Account-Based Everything (ABX)

Perfectly Time Interactions with Send Tracker

Sendoso send tracker

Timing is everything when it comes to executing a successful ABX strategy. Send Tracker provides complete visibility into the status of sends, providing:

  • A high-level, visual summary of where your sends are in the process
  • Notifications when a package has been delivered, an eGift has been used, or an item is undeliverable
  • Ability to perfectly time your outreach and follow-up based on package status

In today’s digitally dominated world, deliberately crafted outreach can make or break your success. Send Tracker gives you real-time insight into when an address is confirmed, a package is delivered, or an eGift is redeemed, enabling perfectly timed follow up and outreach.New to Address Confirmation? Watch this overview video to learn more.

Sendoso: Address Confirmation from Sendoso on Vimeo.

Deliver Relevant Content with New eGifts and Sendoso Direct Options

eGift options

Make your sends hyper-relevant and desirable with new eGifts and Sendoso Direct options. Starting July 27, you can leverage 150+ new eGift brands across 30+ countries, including Wayfair, Airbnb, Deliveroo, and Whole Foods eGifts. We’ve also added over one million new charity options via Charity on Top.

Take advantage of one of 20 new international and minority-owned Sendoso Direct options. International options support sending in the UK, EMEA, Canada, and Australia. Minority-owned options include McBride Sister’s rosé, Red Bay Coffee from San Francisco, and the Amplify Snack Box from SnackNation.

Create Customized Experiences with Address Confirmation

Sendoso address confirmation

Marketing, sales, and CX teams must work together to humanize their collective approach to ABX. Physical Impressions™ help re-create powerful in-person experiences while most are working remotely.Ensure your sends are landing wherever customers and prospects are currently working with improvements to Address Confirmation. Now you can:

  • Add links to your own emails so recipients recognize who the email is coming from and control your subject line.
  • Use automation to execute Address Confirmation for one-to-many sends.
  • Automate sends from Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot, or Eloqua.
  • Drive webinar attendance for anyone that has a member status “Attended”, automatically send them an Address Confirmation email to ensure their follow-up gift is delivered to them.

Enabling Full-Funnel and Customer Lifecycle ABX

Account-based strategies shouldn’t stop once an account is closed-won. Now more than ever you need an organization-wide strategy to engage with decision-makers, generate revenue, and drive customer retention.

The business world has changed forever and it’s time for us to change with it.To learn more, check out our release notes in our beautifully redesigned Help Center or register for this upcoming webinar we’re co-hosting with TOPO. Not a  Sendoso customer? Click here to schedule a live custom demo today.

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