January 6, 2024

A Tale of Swag Sending and Integration Success


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Earlier this year, Sendoso hosted our annual RKO event, ACTION 2023. One of the highlights of the event was fireside chat between Sendoso’s Heather Williams, Director of Customer Success, and Kasey Kaat, Senior Marketing Operations Manager at New Relic. New Relic provides an observability platform for DevOps to collect, store, monitor, and analyze data.

Since becoming a customer of Sendoso in 2020, they have employed Sendoso for three main use cases: employee gifting to reward high performing employees; to trigger events within Marketo for marketing to send corporate swag to customers and prospects; and for sales teams to send out swag to customers and prospects.

Using Sendoso, New Relic created a marketing buzz with their “Data Nerd” gifting campaign in which they sent black t-shirts with white lettering with the words “Data Nerd” to key customers and prospects. The shirt soon became a coveted item within their customer base, and demonstrates how Sendoso helped New Relic to create a sense of community within their users.

Self Service Swag Is Key

These days, most of their gifting is corporate swag. Using Sendoso’s best in class direct marketing automation platform, New Relic was able to create a brand shop from which they can easily send out branded merchandise. The operations team loves it because everything sent is easily tracked. The teams who send swag love it because they can order and send without having to worry about filling out expense reports.

Kasey emphasized that the brand shop has been a huge game changer for them, and something that really sets Sendoso apart from its competitors. With the brand shop, anyone on the various teams can search for their own swag and quickly get their own quotes. Reordering and searching for new items is, according to her, “a breeze.” Most importantly, by enabling self service swag sending, Sendoso has saved Kasey and everyone else involved tons of time when it comes to ordering and sending branded merchandise.

Not Everyone Was A Believer

However, not everyone at New Relic was a Sendoso champion. While New Relic had purchased Sendoso as a global organization, the EMEA team liked the competitor. While Kasey did her very best to support their use of the competitor, shared that working with the competitor was a challenge from the very beginning. She describes spending hours and hours on calls trying to execute an integration with Salesforce.  The competitor response was to offer to put their requests into consideration for the following year.

Integration, Integration, Integration

For Kasey, it was a no-brainer to go with a platform like Sendoso, which integrates completely with Salesforce. This integration allows them to track all of their sending to determine what sends to what people deliver the highest ROI.  With Sendoso, it is easy to monitor and measure key performance indicators around sending campaigns.  This is the only way to communicate the value of the platform internally to justify the investment. Because it doesn’t integrate with natively Salesforce this was a functionality the competitor couldn’t provide.

Sendoso also has an advantage over the competitor in terms of ease of campaign creation. Because the competitor doesn’t integrate with Salesforce, users can’t create SFDC campaigns. In contrast, creating touches and sends with Sendoso is, “a breeze.” In addition, Sendoso’s far superior Chrome extension makes the platform so much more accessible to the sales team for creating their own campaigns.

Relationships For The Win

Sendoso further outclassed the competitor in their implementation process and ongoing support. From the beginning, Sendoso worked with their opps team to set them up for success within the first 90 days. Kasey was also very impressed with how attentive the entire team at Sendoso was throughout the entire onboarding and implementation process. When it came to upgrading or integrating with other vendors, the Sendoso team has always been very responsive and on top of things. Because the team at Sendoso has taken the time to establish and nurture a relationship with the team at New Relic, they’ve been able to navigate any rough patches with relative ease. According to Kasey, the competitor couldn’t come close to offering a similar experience.

Brand Store And Beyond

Since swag blows everything else out of the water, having a lot of options for merchandise has been a game changer. As their success with Sendoso has grown, Kasey and her team continue with Sendoso’s curation teams to expand their swag offerings. Now their brand store includes things like new parent kits, coffee kits, wine tasting kits, as well as other offerings. According to Kasey, these items continue to fly off the shelves, no doubt surprising and delighting those who receive them.

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