October 7, 2021

Introducing Personalization, Onboarding, & New Account-Level User Balances


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Even more features that extend the power of choice, confidence, and scale to help revenue teams stand out and make a measurable impact

Sendoso is committed to enabling teams to build closer connections with prospects and customers. That’s why we continue to deliver advancements that give the power of choice, confidence, and scale for administrators and managers across marketing and sales teams of all company sizes.We have released even more enhancements that continue to make revenue teams deliver a positive impact.

Build Brand Equity and Awareness through Every Touch Point

Now you can add brand elements and settings to your new address confirmation emails and landing pages. More flexible on-brand experiences build trust, improving metrics while ensuring more sends and more gifts claimed.

New Onboarding Features to Make an Impact Easily and Efficiently

For new senders, we’ve introduced a checklist process for clearer user onboarding. This guided process will instruct and encourage users through the sending experience, leading towards more successful sending.

  • Onboarding checklist for new senders to complete before they activate the product
  • Reinforced with email reminders post-sign-up

New Account-Level Settings for User Balances

Managing each user’s balance has gotten more flexible, especially for those on a quarterly budget cycle or an off-calendar fiscal year. Admin users now have the ability to define how often a sender’s balance of available funds refreshes.

  • Set refresh settings at an account level and amounts at the team level
  • Balances can be reset or refilled on a recurring date (monthly or quarterly), or customized date. If reset, the balance resets to a specified amount, while refilling accounts adds funds to a user’s current budget

These new settings are some of the many feature enhancements that deliver powerful user and budget management. Other Sendoso features that deliver governance include a send cost estimator, balance refill recommendations, and robust detailed invoicing available to administrators for more visibility — and there’s even more capabilities to come.

We’re so happy to bring these new features to you and hope your team will continue to feel empowered to drive and build lasting relationships.

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