January 10, 2024

Our Top 5 Product Launches from 2024

Stephanie Spangler
Stephanie Spangler

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2020 is here and we’re super excited for all the big things this new decade holds for Sendoso and you! We have lots of innovations planned that we can’t wait to share, but before we look to the future, let’s take a moment to reflect on all the awesome features and platform enhancements we launched in the last year.

5 of Our Favorite Product Launches from 2019

1. New HubSpot Integration & Integrations Page

With our new HubSpot CRM and Marketing Automation integration, you can now automate the process of triggering direct mail and eGift sends based on any action that takes place in your HubSpot workflow. You can also allow one-off sending from a HubSpot contact using our Google Chrome extension. Plus, you never have to leave HubSpot to see the status of your sends.

In addition to launching the HubSpot integration, we delivered a new integrations page in product, giving you short snippets describing the value of available integrations, detail screens for each integration with directions, and direct links to set up the integration of your choice.

Learn more about integrating with HubSpot CRM here and HubSpot Marketing Automation here.

2. New Amazon Sending Experience

We launched a new Amazon sending experience with a revamped user interface and greater transparency into the Amazon sending process. Now you can easily see what’s available for you to send based on your budget. You also get a singular view of the item you selected along with the description, touch selected, recipient info, note, and cost. Finally, you get a step-by-step view of the shipping process.

Learn more about all the exciting changes we made to the Amazon sending experience here.

3. New Print On Demand Feature

We launched a new Print On Demand feature that allows you to design and print custom notecards with personalized messaging on the spot. A huge time saver for you and your team!

Have you set up your custom notecards yet? Get started here.

4. New Create Your Own Products Feature

We gave you the flexibility to create your own products in Sendoso, choose the warehouse you’d like to have your products shipped to, and decide whether you’d like to us to source and restock your products for you!

Learn more about creating your own products here.

5. New International eGift Card Options

We went global with a ton of options for sending eGift cards that are relevant to recipients located around the world.

See the full list of international eGifts here.

2020 here we come! Get ready for more awesomeness from the leading Sending Platform and check out what else Sendoso can do for you by requesting a demo below.

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