February 7, 2024

4 Sending Strategies for Driving Customer Retention

Zackary Alspaugh
Zackary Alspaugh

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Revenue teams have been asked to do more with less, and as the digital world becomes more saturated, programs that bring back the feel of in-person experiences have grown more important. This is why we have brought together Sendoso experts from across all departments to share creative ways we have maximized sales and marketing ROI in this new climate.

Across 4 unique sessions, we share proven strategies for driving revenue growth, how to achieve measurable results from sending, and maximizing ROI. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, or customer success, these insights will bring success to your team.

This post is brought to you by Sendoso Dir. of Customer Lifecycle Marketing Zackary Alspaugh.

The natural evolution of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for your customer base has arrived; Account-Based Everything (ABX) is a tip-to-tail recognition of the customer lifecycle from the traditional starting point of sales and marketing, expanding through customer onboarding, service, and support.

This multi-departmental approach can boost retention and improve ROI by empowering all of your customer-focused teams to forge a personal connection, course-correct with agility, and build strong advocacy within your user community.

In the Sendoso for Retention session of our Sending for Success series, Sendoso team members were joined by Arctic Wolf Networks Sr. Customer Marketing Manager Liz Caspersen and OneLogin Customer Marketing Manager Larisa Sandu. Each speaker shared strategies and ideas for a robust approach to using Sendoso for customer retention with short turnaround and great results.

4 Customer Retention Strategies with Sendoso

1. Welcome New Customers

Every onboarded customer is a win when budgets are tight, so a welcome package can be an impactful customer gift with long-lasting ROI. While sales is traditionally associated with gifting to build rapport, strong connections are most effective when they continue through the early days of the customer relationship.

“We discovered we weren’t really nurturing customers as much as we could, especially at the beginning of the customer lifecycle,” explained Larisa. “They received all this wonderful attention from sales… once they became a paying customer, that transitional period was pretty quiet for them.” So, OneLogin launched a program to deliver a perfectly branded, highly relevant welcome package for new customer administrators.

2. Align Your Customer Service and Marketing Teams

Customer Service is every company’s secret sauce; when CS and Marketing team up, they can share important data, surface great customer stories, create strong brand advocates, and change the trajectory of the customer lifecycle.

“Your CSMs are arguably the closest people to your customers, and have a very powerful voice,” explains Sendoso Manager of CSM Ben Rosenberg. “CSMs can also help educate marketing about what they’re seeing on the front lines, what they’re hearing from customers, and what content is needed to best help customers through your journey.” This powerful partnership between marketing and customer service has the potential to maximize retention and supercharge acquisition.

3. Improve Support Strategies

Transactional interactions are powerful when your support team is enabled to make a personal connection. Much like the relationship-building qualities of CX, Support can change how customers engage with (and talk about) your platform.

Sendoso VP of Sender Experience Ben Rosenberg creates ways for the support team to give back to those customers who use and champion the platform. “We think about our support organization broadly as having a conversation with our customers. If someone has a thoughtful product suggestion or a support agent hears that someone has had a big life event… we have some predefined touches that we deploy to make that personal connection and build some brand recognition.”

4. Celebrate Milestones and Loyalty

Churn can put a considerable damper on revenue and growth, so keeping customers engaged as they continue their journey with your brand should be a high priority. Add surprise and delight touchpoints to your retention plan to show longtime customers they are still highly valued by recognizing events like renewals, user milestones (for instance, Sendoso celebrates its users’ “1,000th Send” with a gift!) or an expansion of the services they’re already enjoying on your platform.

When Liz wanted to drive adoption for a new product, her Arctic Wolf team paired the campaign with physical touchpoints to show appreciation for setting meetings and expanding services. The touchpoint allowed the CSM team to “speak freshly and courageously about a new service feature of ours,” resulting in 41 net-new opportunities and 27 closed-won deals—all within a 6-week campaign.

Successful Sending for All

Every department has the opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship. By surfacing important data and customer behavior to hit the right touchpoints at the right time, driving cross-channel engagement, and aligning your teams, you can embrace the potential of the ABX approach and your sending strategies can improve revenue, customer sentiment, retention, brand evangelism, and more.

If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate the power of ABX into your organization—including building strong Advocate programs and unlocking the power of NPS through sending— watch the full on-demand session of Sending for Success: Revenue Team’s Full Funnel Playbook.

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